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The Living Fuel Fast

Detoxify and Regenerate Your Body and Optimize Your Weight

KC Craichy, Founder – Living Fuel


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Getting Started

While there are many spiritual benefits to fasting, here we will focus on the benefits to your physical and mental health. The Living Fuel Fast is not a total food fast (which also has its benefits).  While similar to a juice-type fast, The Fuel Fast is superior as it solves the limitations of juicing including inadequate protein, healthy fats and other vital nutrients.


Extraordinary things can happen to our health when we eliminate what we typically eat and drink and exchange them for ideal amounts of foundational nutrients. These nutrients include nutrient-dense superfoods, complete plant proteins, non-grain low-glycemic carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, pre- and probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, therapeutic herbs and other healthy nutrients. The result is a tremendous reward to yourself!  

The Living Fuel Fast

When I created Living Fuel foundational Superfoods, my objective was to provide my family with exceptional nutrition made easy. In the process, I found that I had created a product perfectly suited for short- or long-term juice fasting.

For many, a daunting part of juice fasting is obtaining all the fresh fruits and vegetables and preparing the juice - it tends to be inconvenient and time-consuming. Most people that juice make mostly fruit or sweet vegetable juices which contain loads of sugars and are not nearly as healthy as the deep dark greens and colorful vegetables.


The Living Fuel Fast makes preparation a breeze and is far more complete and nutritious than juicing.  To prepare the smoothie, simply mix LivingFuel SuperGreens™ and/or SuperBerry® with 12–20 ounces of pure spring water in a blender or shaker bottle. The result - an all-natural, nutrient-dense, low-glycemic, high-antioxidant, low-calorie smoothie—everything the body needs!


Your smoothie contains more calcium and vitamin D than milk, more potassium than bananas, more fiber than oatmeal, more protein than half a dozen eggs, more friendly bacteria than 20 cups of yogurt and more phytonutrients than a basket of fruits and vegetables!


Below are a few tips that will make your Living Fuel Fast an especially tasty and enjoyable experience:


*      Build up slowly:  For the first week, replace one meal per day with a LivingFuel SuperGreens™ and/or SuperBerry® smoothie.  The second week, replace two meals per day with a Living Fuel smoothie.  When you have the experience and confidence that you will not be hungry or tired, then it's time to begin your fast.


*      To create one the best smoothies you’ve ever had, start with two scoops of Living Fuel and 12-20 ounces of pure water. Using a high-speed blender, add fresh organic fruit or a splash of your favorite juice.


*      To extend energy and time between smoothies, add extra virgin coconut oil, CocoChia® Snack Mix or Living Protein™ in your smoothie. This is particularly helpful for athletes who are training or competing.


*      Most people mix their Living Fuel with only water.  Others add juice or frozen fruit to make it taste more like a commercial smoothie. Make it your goal to minimize and eventually eliminate any additives to your smoothies that contain sugar.


*      If you have the desire to eat something do so within 30 minutes of your smoothie so your metabolism can operate at peak efficiency. Try a great-tasting CocoChia® bar, or low-glycemic organic vegetables.  


*      Drink plenty of pure water.


*      Allow 5-6 hours between smoothies and don’t eat or snack between smoothies or within three hours of bedtime.


*      It’s ok to eat low-glycemic organic vegetables on the Living Fuel Fast.  Do avoid grains and minimize fruit.  


*      Take Living Fuel's companion product, SuperEssentials Omega during the fast and beyond, as these have profound health benefits as fundamental building blocks in the body. It is quite possibly the most important supplement you can take.  


Won’t I be hungry?  During your Living Fuel Fast, you will most likely be getting the very best nutrition of your life. You will be receiving more than adequate nutrition to handle your hunger and cravings. You should also be able to carry on your daily routine, including exercise and athletic activities.

How long should I stay on the Living Fuel Fast? Continue the fast for as many days as you feel comfortable. Some people fast for a weekend, some for 4-7 days, while others go up to a month and beyond. In cases of serious health conditions, always conduct longer fasts under the supervision of your health care practitioner. We’ve seen people achieve such phenomenal results after completing a Living Fuel Fast that many decide to permanently replace one or two meals a day with Living Fuel Rx. For optimal results, I recommend you do a Living Fuel Fast for 4-7 days at least twice a year.

Here’s what one customer experienced while on a Living Fuel Fast:


Six months ago, I weighed 232 pounds and suffered from sleep apnea, food allergies and low energy. A friend of mine and I decided after Christmas one year, we would both do a Living Fuel Fast to drop some weight and improve our health. We reasoned that it took us almost 30 years to get into our current condition, so the very least we could do was dedicate a month to reversing the effects of all those unhealthy decades. (After starting the Living Fuel fast), almost immediately I felt much better and my energy levels were soaring. In just a month I experienced results beyond anything I could have imagined and never felt or slept better!


I was into my smallest clothes and they were still loose! Another unexpected result was that my energy levels increased to the point I actually wanted to exercise and quickly worked my way up to 5 miles in 50 minutes on the elliptical machine. The results continue to amaze me. I’ve lost my desire for bad foods like French fries, white bread and anything with trans fats - healthy foods taste better. I find fresh vegetables and greens salads with balsamic vinegar dressing taste incredible. In addition to weight loss, I look younger and healthier. More importantly, I feel younger and better than I have in over ten years. I enjoy life more.”


Doug Manson, Attorney, Tampa, FL


 Please remember that everyone is an individual and your results will vary. Your ultimate goal is not simply to lose weight, but to achieve SuperHealth.


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For a great resource on fasting, check out my friend Dr. Don Colbert’s excellent book Fasting Made Easy (©2004, Siloam Press).

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