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Thanks from a Veteran

"Thank you, KC, for LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate.  It keeps this WWII and Korean War veteran going!"


By Ben Groesbeck, 89

My Enthusiasm For Your Products Runs High!


I started using your product in May of this year after watching a Ty Bollinger documentary The Truth About Cancer. I saw your interview and heard the story about your wife Monica and heard the product mentioned several times. I am 60 years old and have struggled with with anxiety throughout the years which have lead to different medications periodically. I do prefer a more holistic approach such as meditation and lifestyle changes that I have control of. I also have an appetite like a horse and yoyo with my weight. Thank God I am able to take it off when I put my mind to it. I usually just misplace it because I always seem to find it again. When I began taking the Living Fuel I weaned myself off of sertaline which I didn't want to be on. For months proir to taking Living Fuel I just felt unenthusiastic, no ambition, kind of just going through the motions. For all intent and purpose I have a very nice successful life but nothing seemed to exit me. Very shortly after taking the products I noticed an increase in ambition and enthusiasm. I felt more alive and like doing things. I began barefoot waterskiing again which I love but had gotten away from. I started playing harmonica more which I had also gotten away from. To this day I am off the meds, have maintained a better weight, and my enthusiasm remains high for your products and life itself. Thank you so much for creating such a life changing product. 

Happy Holidays &

Warm Wishes


By Kevin

Helped me During Chemo

I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage two Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 1/2016 and was introduced to your product by a friend of mine who researched what immune deficient cancer patients could/should consume during chemo.  I drank SuperBerry Ultimate daily for five months.  It helped TREMENDOUSLY in my interim recovery and my whole recovery process.  I was able to work almost full days the entire time of my treatment and I attribute my energy, stamina & overall healing to God, but Living Fuel certainly helped!.  I added frozen banana, once scoop +/-, orange juice, water, berries and sometimes kale.  This was both tasty and I could honestly feel the affect within hours.  I have told everyone I know about this product!

By Kim Skouras


Nutritional Wisdom


Thirteen days before I rode the 103.8 mile trek called 6 Gap, you guided me wisely nutritionally.  I turn 62 years old next month. I've trained by steadily putting in 20 to 40 mile rides over the last year almost always logging 100+ miles per week. The killer of 6 Gap was the 11,500+ elevation change over the 103.8 miles of north Georgia mountains.

For each of the 13 days before 6 Gap, my nutritional change was a SEA serving first thing, focused maximum intake of water mixed with 20 grams of high protein power and vitamins during my 21 mile training rides, increased protein intake at breakfast, 1.5 scoops of Living Fuel for lunch and balanced healthy meals at night.

I felt the increased B12 super charging my brain. I found the increase in protein grams and the nutritional aspects of the Liquid Fuel and SEA energizing my body.

I finished 6 Gap in 8 hours not counting 40 minutes of water and food breaks.  InSport was in every drop I drank. Instead of bonking at mile 80 as I routinely did in my 4 previous 6 Gap rides, my strength was steady and  consistent from beginning to end.

Thank you for the Fuel, the SEA and the InSport. Together they helped me perform well with many a younger cyclist.

God bless you and Monica,


By Raymer McGuire

Giving Life to the Dream

I am a Canadian Pole Vaulter with my sights set on Rio 2016. A few months ago, I added the Living Fuel products to my daily nutritional regimen and have seen great improvements in my energy levels. The SuperGreens and Aminos now take the place of my morning pot of coffee and they give me sustained energy throughout the day! I am so happy to have kicked my caffeine habit with the help of Living Fuel! 
Kelsie Ahbe
By Kelsie Ahbe


Feeling Healthy and Looking Great!

 I've been using the Superberry Original, Supergreens and Living Protein powders for the past week and have lost 5 pounds!  I was taking the 7 Day Challenge but on the 7th day only took them twice instead of all three meals.  (I also started a compatible diet plan called the Metabolic Factor a few days into it - no sugar or starch).  I have to say that these meal replacement protein powders are the best I've ever used.  I have more energy than ever!  One more thing - on day one we actually went out to a Mexican restaurant and I had two margaritas, and the next day we went out for fried seafood and I still lost 5 lbs!  (I know, those were bad choices but in spite of them, I lost weight and had more energy and I know it was from your Living Fuel products!)  

Although these products are quite expensive, I realize they can take the place of all the other (considerable) number of supplements I take and that will help bring down the cost.  Not to mention that I've been trying to lose weight for years and my plan is to lose at least 30 lbs or more by Labor Day.  I believe I'll be at my ideal weight by then.  How can you put a price tag on that?  Feeling healthy and looking great will be priceless!  Thanks for your great products.


Julie Adams


By Julie Adams


I Feel Great!

Since I have added Living Fuel as my morning breakfast I (I normally don't use the word feel) feel great!

I work out in the mornings (7:30am) and normally afterwards I would be extremely hungry and my body would need immediate replenishment because all I had was a mixture of apple, banana, almonds, chai, flax seed, kale and almond milk in my NutriBullet for breakfast. Now, all I have is the almond milk, banana (occasionally) and a scoop of Supergreens and I am on another level of energy.

I strength train so my body is pushed to the limit every workout. I'm not hungry at all after workout. All I eat until dinner (6:30pm) is fruit and I'm satisfied all day.

Before I would have spells of light headiness during workouts occasionally and I would stop to go eat. Since Living Fuel I have not experienced any light headiness and I push myself even harder allowing my strength to increase.

Thanks for being led to create such a God send product. I will keep your family and company lifted in my prayers.


By Leon C.


High Quality Product At An Affordable Price

Thank you so much for developing such a high quality product at an affordable price!! I am a long distance runner, vegetarian, clean-eating and have cancer that runs in my family. I am amazed with the quality (and taste) of your product. I just got some blood work done and I am healthier than ever. I am also running my fastest and performing to a whole new level! Thank you so much and I am looking forward to trying more of your products in the future.
-Angela Chatman

By Angela Chatman


Our Bodies Feel Good!

Upon receipt of our first shipment, we've replaced what we thought was a wholesome breakfast (scrambled eggs, eggwhites, organic chicken sausage, fresh organic spinach, asparagus & sweet peppers) with your Living Fuel Green Smoothie & L.F. Protein drink combination..adding an organic banana.  Our bodies feel good & we don't miss our breakfast mentioned above. We are very pleased. Thank you.
Mary from Florida

By Mary


Thanks for Making Such a Great Product!

Thanks for responding, and thanks for making such a great product. For about 10 days now I've been drinking 2 shakes a day, and it's allowed me to eliminate gluten and dairy from my diet, and I'm feeling awesome. I don't think I'll ever go back to eating all that junk! I'm recommending your product to everybody I know.



Healthy Kids - Happy Parents

No question the best food on the planet! kids are Healthy and parents are happy!

By D.L.


I Can Tell You I Feel Great!

Hi, after watching the truth about cancer, I knew I had to change the way I was eating. After listening about Living Fuel I was compelled to get it. I absolutely have not been disappointed. I love it. I took the 7 day challenge and although I have only been on this a few weeks, I can tell you I feel great, good energy. I finally feel like I'm getting good nutrition in spite of my crazy schedule. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. It's scary out there with our food sources, this gives me peace. Your service is beyond! Thank you for caring , and thank you for the years of research on this product. It has not been in vain. I tell everyone about it. I will be a regular user. God bless you and the living fuel family

To optimal health


By Mary


Living Fuel Has Totally Changed My Immunity

Living Fuel has totally changed my immunity and body chemistry in the last 2 years. Allergies, illnesses, bruises and cuts heal within a day, my menieres disease is 100% controlled and basically nonexistent, my body now works like a machine.. My husband has been on it now for about 4 months.. this is the first allergy season where he didn't have a chronic cough since we moved to Tampa. I have so many tangible examples, it's ridiculous. I use the greens every am in a shake I eat for breakfast and it's part of my daily life. There are so many nutrients that my body needs and wants from the shake, that when I don't have my shake, my stomach growls and growls, even if I've had more calories than the shake generally provides. My body is like a machine and it tells me it needs the nutrients if it doesn’t get it.. it's so crazy!!!! Best Regards, Kathleen

By Kathleen


This Shake Just Changed My Life!

I am a relatively new user that heard about LivingFuel from my naturopath.  My original "plan" was to use it occasionally when I didn't have time to eat breakfast or another meal thinking it was a little on the pricey side for everyday use.  However, a recent few weeks of highly stressful travel had me throwing those original plans out the window and I am now drinking it at least once a day (right now in fact!).  I have a number of food sensitivities as a result of a Lyme Disease.   I don't travel much as finding food is a real problem for me.  But on these past couple of emergency trips (hospice visit to a loved one, then funeral and house clearing out) I threw in my blender and enough greens and berries to last me the trip with one shake a day, along with a CocoChia Bar for in-between meals.  The blender tucked easily in my carry-on with baggies of powder tucked inside.  I was absolutely stunned at the amount of energy I got from those morning shakes and how long I could go without having to eat and even while at home now, I still start the morning off with a shake.  I've tried a variety of ways of preparing it, and have settled on the most convenient (which to me also is the best tasting) of simply mixing a scoop of berries with a scoop of greens in the blender, along with room temp/warmish water.  I was having issues with the taste when using cold water, but have gotten past that with warmer water.  I also think the warmer water mixes better than the cold in the blender.  You simply can't get a more nutritious meal so easily prepared and it travels perfectly.  And I have definitely been able to replace my very-pricey multi-vitamin with the shake, so the cost issue is nonexistent.  Thank you, LivingFuel, your products have and will continue to have a profound impact on my quality of life and health!

By Carolyn Borkowski


Living Fuel Keeps My Body Fit

I have been taking living fuel for 1 year and have lost 20 pounds. Working at the gym 5 days a week I need a powerful product (living fuel) to keep my body fit.

By H.G.


I Use SuperGreens for Breakfast Every Morning and After My Morning Workouts

I have been using the Super Greens and Protein for over two years. I am very active and use it as a breakfast every morning and after my morning workouts. I combine one scoop of greens with one scoop of protein! I always used to struggle with my weight bouncing up and down like a roller coaster. My consistent use of the products has kept my body working in a very consistent manner. I have not been sick since taking the products and that is quite a feat since I have four kids. Thank you and God Bless everyone at Living Fuel

By D.T.


Without Question a Great Product

I started using LivingFuel Super Greens as part of a Men's Physique contest prep and have really noticed a positive difference in my energy, mood and appearance. Just wanted to say thanks. I am a high school Phys Ed teacher and fitness model and have always been very careful w/what I put into my body. This is without question a great product. SW, Arizona

By S.W.


All the Energy We Need for a Healthy, Busy Lifestyle

We have used the Living Fuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry and LivingProtein which has been our breakfast for years! It gives us all the energy and satisfaction we need for a healthy, busy lifestyle! Besides keeping the weight down! JG North Carolina

By J.G.


We Have More Energy, Have Lost Weight and Feel Better Than We Have In Years

My wife and I took the 7 Day Fuel Fast Challenge and we were amazed...we have more energy, have lost weight and feel much better than we have in years. Thanks Living Fuel! CY Florida

By C.Y.


Thank you for what your superfood does not contain!

Dear KC and Monica Craichy, Thank you for the Living Fuel Welcome Kit! Over the past two weeks, my four children (ages 5-14) and I have been enjoying the Living Fuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry Original. We combine the two with 16-20 oz of well water, an organic banana, and some frozen organic wild blueberries to make our almost daily superfood breakfast smoothie. Because of two of my children’s severe food allergies and my mom’s battle with cancer in October 2009, God has had me on a crash course on health and nutrition. A sister in the Lord, who admittedly rarely recommends books referred me to an eye-opening book, Cancer Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger. Ty Bollinger highly recommended Living Fuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry, so we thought we’d give it a try. Today we just ordered some more SuperGreens and we’re going to try out your SuperBerry Ultimate. Thank you also for the Living Fuel Original CocoChia Bar and CocoChia Snack Mix samples. Those of us without multiple food allergies were able to try them. My 10-year-old daughter (who is allergic to peanuts, shellfish, red dye (in food, medication, and her Wholesomewear swimmer), cod liver oil, fish, and possibly wheat and/or gluten) was encouraged by the ingredients of your CocoChia samples that she made her own snack using Enjoy Life Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free chocolate chips, Salba whole chia seeds, organic unsweetened shredded coconut, and organic raisins. We praise God for you and your superfood creations! I am so encouraged that all of my children can drink Living Fuel SuperGreens and SuperBerry, especially since my 7-year-old son is allergic to cow’s milk, goat’s milk, tree nuts, and eggs, as I shared above my 10-year-old daughter has multiple food allergies, and my 14-year-old son is allergic to flaxseeds and is lactose intolerant. As for my fourth child, God blessed us with our first child who we can feed anything to; as far as we know my 5-year-old son has no known allergies and can eat anything. For the past 9 years we have had to pay close attention to cross-contaminants in what my children eat. In the end of January 2010, God opened our eyes to GMOs and how they may contribute to food allergies. Thank you that your superfood does not contain GMOs, Irradiation, Pesticides, Herbicides, Added Sugar, Soy Protein, Wheat, Gluten, Yeast, Milk, Whey, Egg, Nuts, Maltodextrin, Preservatives, Filler, Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Flavors or Colorings. Rejoicing in the Lord and praying for God’s will… Michelle

By Michelle


Living Fuel Doesn't Contain Anything Artificial or Silly

I ordered SuperGreens as a first time user of LivingFuel, and I was very satisfied. I appreciate that it contains nothing artificial and no silly lab synthesized ingredients I cannot pronounce!(as with most products on todays market) I am highly active and put much demand on my body. LivingFuel supports my body's nutritional needs, helps me work towards my goals, and gives me energy to get through the day! Thank you LivingFuel!!! J.R.

By J.R.


Best Greens in the World!

I think you have the best greens in the world! Rav

By Rav


More Than Happy With The Results

I have been using living fuel super greens for two years now and it has become a staple in my morning routine. I travel with it everywhere I go because I feel more alternate with more energy when I'm on it. I am a professional hockey player and I believe this product helps my immunity by providing essential minerals and vitamins that I need to stay healthy. I was introduced to this product by Andy Obrien and I am more than happy with the results. Thanks Dave

By Dave


What My Body Needs to Run Right!

Absolutely what my body needs. It makes me run right! I hate to run out.


By K.T.


Problem Solved!

When I'm on the go, traveling, or need a quick pre or post workout snack, it can be tough to find something that is both convenient and healthy. Bars, sports drinks and gels tend to be sugary and full of preservatives, and real food like sandwiches or wraps can be time-consuming to make or tough to digest during exercise. When I discovered SuperBerry and SuperGreens, I knew my problem was solved. Not only does this stuff have everything my body needs to fight the high amounts of free radicals I generate from my Ironman training, but it also tastes fantastic and contains nutrients that actually support my immune system, my skin, my gut and more! SuperBerry and SuperGreens should be in every traveler's carry-on bag, ever exerciser's gym bag and every health-conscious person's pantry. Cheers! Ben

By Ben


Amazing Lunch!

Amazing! One scoop Living Fuel greens, a huge hand-full of spinach, 1/4 cup frozen dark berries, and a dash of cinnamon. That's lunch!


By J.L.


Getting Everything My Body Needs

I've been taking Living Fuel Super Greens and Super Berry Ultimate almost every morning. I feel very satisfied, and it sustains me all the way to lunch. I find that I have a lot of energy for working out in the morning, without feeling heavy like I do after a typical breakfast. The convenience factor is awesome, too. Plus, I can be assured I'm getting everything I need nutritionally.

I am doing what Elliot Hulse says he does: mix a scoop of the Greens with the Berry and a raw egg.



By Nate


SuperGreens is Life Changing Superfood!

Living Fuel is no short of a miracle!!!! From the first time I tried the SuperGreens I immediately felt such a huge improvement in my health physically & mentally. Thank you guys @ LivingFuel sooo much for providing this life changing superfood, I know Living Fuel certainly has changed mine. DC




Tastes Like Coconut Water!

Wanted to thank you again for our conversation and the reminder about the amino's. Before going autoimmune Paleo about 10 months ago, the amino's tasted absolutely terrible. I started taking them after our conversation and guess what? Tastes like coconut water! I mean really really tastes like coconut water. LOL. Truly a lesson on how your taste buds can change when you change your diet. Thanks again and be well. Debra


By Debra


I Love It!

Hi Livingfuel is great!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it so far. Brian


By Brian


Life Changing

With a very busy and active lifestyle, getting run down is typically easy. I put my body through a lot, and was starting to feel over trained and generally as if I was not functioning as well as I could. I was pointed toward living fuel by Elliott Hulse, a fitness guru in my eyes.

In less than a week of taking living fuel super greens as my breakfast shake, I noticed positive changes in my body. I feel more energized, less groggy. I no longer feel as run down as I used to and I'm confidant that I'm getting the nutrition my body needs even with a busy lifestyle. I think everyone who's health conscious should add Livingfuel to their diets, as it really does change the way you feel. You won't believe it until you try it!

100% recommended to anyone, I will be taking this for as long as I could.


By S.B.


This product was made with His blessing!

A friend of mine at work makes this everymorning and she shares it with me and I must say it is the best protein shake I've tasted in a long time. It is healthy and as soon as it enters my body I can feel it working. I don't want all that junk food and sweets anymore. I will be ordering my own.


By A.W.


Love SuperGreens!

I am a relatively new customer who has come across your Living Fuel products. In the last 2 weeks, I have been using the Living Fuel SuperGreens, and I do feel better. I have also lost weight, which is one of the reasons I decided to try your product.

I have recently ordered your protein powder along with the SuperEssentials Omega, and the SuperBerry Ultimate, which should arrive tomorrow!

Thank you very much for your time and for making such a great product available to consumers like me! I'm really grateful.



By Paul


I feel so much better on the inside

I just want to mention that ordering Living Fuel products and using them on a daily basis is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I feel so much better on the inside, and no longer desire to eat all the junk food I used to love. I cannot go more than two days without mixing up a shake because my body craves the nutrients!

Thanks for making such a great product.


By Jennifer


Thanks for such a great product!

Thanks for such a great product. But I'm thinking you guys must be adding some addictive substance to the SuperGreens...I was a bit panicked when I realized I had let it run so low. Thank you for providing such prompt service and shipping! I received my latest shipment of SuperGreens just in time, as I used my last scoop the night before.


By Mike


I am hooked!

I am hooked! Supergreens is the best way to start the day, and I want to keep it that way. Thank you, Johnathan


By Johnathan


Healthy at 76! Thank you, Living Fuel

I have taken Living Fuel for many years and now 76 years old have only had one illness in my life. I am fit and healthy and have 20/20 vision which I know and believe was due to Living Fuel. Thank you so much.



By Jon


Thank You for Investing in Nutrition!

Hi! Just a note of encouragement to you: I'm training for mountain climbing and its a lot of work. And I'm vegan, and this helps me to focus on what I need to eat. I just found our products online, and I was blown away by the excellence of the products. I also had a feeling that u might be Christians, and then I saw that u are. Haha how funny is God in the way he works! He is leading me to climb and also how to eat properly and I pray each day that He will help me. And now I find your products. I'm in Australia at the moment but will soon be in Canada/ USA to continue training. Thank you so much for investing in nutrition and I'm so excited about this all. God is awesome!

Thanks, Sally


By Sally


Your Products Delivered!

The products delivered on every promise made in your descriptions. I am able to replace meals, not feel hungry, deprived or run down. I am able to exercise vigorously using this product to replace two meals a day. I am going to try the 4 to 7 day fast at some time, starting with a day or two.

Thank you for delivering on what you claim about the products. Most I have tried don't.



By Dave


Love it! Thank you!

I'm about to place my third order for this stuff. The price has actually gone down over time since my original order. I never would have spent so much money to try a new product, but my aunt actually had some of this when she visited a few years ago, and I got the benefit of trying before buying. I actually enjoy the taste, but I am a veggie lover.

I tried the Superberry in my last order, and they were good (glad I tried), but I've never found anything I like as much as these Greens. I feel really full, and it's the best way to get my breakfast in. I have no appetite in the morning, so this is a quick and easy way to make sure I'm starting my day right. Even when I'm not hungry, I can drink on this and know I'm doing my body a solid. I feel full, I have energy (nothing magic, but certainly more than I've had from any other liquid meal replacements). I can easily replace up to 2 meals a day with these Greens and not be hungry (and I'm a bigger girl who works out hard daily). I really can't say enough about them. I feel sad every time my scoop scrapes the bottom of the container.

I also like how well the flavor blends with chocolate, peanut butter, and various juices and nut-milks. There are so many ways to "shake-it-up" that I never get tired of it. I've done peanut and almond butter, coconut water, almond milk, blueberry juice, cranberry juice, apple juice... It's really wonderful. Sometimes I'll add fresh or frozen greens or berries just because, but even by itself in the shaker bottle with water it's good.

I suppose I've rambled on long enough... But I really would encourage folks to try this.


By Elizabeth D.


Great Products!

Just a quick note to say I've been using your Living Fuel Greens and Gerry for several years and like the product. I have found a lot of your videos have some quite useful and timely information. Cheers, Paddy


By Paddy


An Investment In Your Health and Well Being

I was initially a little scepticle to the product. But after receiving my first container of SuperGreens, i have to say i was impressed. I work in law enforcement and work out several days a week. I use Living Fuel for both breakfast and lunch, and the shakes keeps me full between meals. The price can be an issue for some, but the saying "you get what you pay for," holds true when it comes to this product, and after all it's an investment in your health and well being.


By Kjell


Congratulations on a great product!

I have been using Living Fuel Super Greens, Ultimate SuperBerry & Protein to make drinks for my mother who is 98 years old and loves the nutrition that these drinks provide. She has gone through some times when she will not eat but she will drink the shakes that I make for her. I make a combination of Vanilla Coconut milk & Vanilla Almond milk along with banana, cherries & blueberries or some other fruit combination. She loves fruit so that makes it all more delicious. She is currently in a facility for dementia patients and the caretakers cannot believe that she likes the shake as much as she does. I believe that the shake gives her more nutrition than any pureed food that they provide. I bought a BlendTec blender for making the shakes since I think that it makes the shakes less gritty. I started using the Living Fuel products when my husband was recuperating from an illness about 2 years ago. I have told many people about Living Fuel products including the Hospice nurses who are surprised by my mother's response to the shake. I truly believe that your products are giving her the nutrition that she needs when she is trying to recover from chronic UTI infections.

I just wanted to let you all know that your products are helping many people.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you,



By Christine


Flavor is the Best!

I love it, the flavor is the best!




This Product Has Been My Lifeline Everyday and I Swear By It

I have a painful nerve disorder and cannot chew solid food at all. This product has been my lifeline everyday and I swear by it. It has helped me stay alive nutritionally, along with meeting vitamin, mineral, and amino acid needs.


By Tom D


Best Greens on the market

This is hands down the best greens protein shake on the market. I've tried SO many of the top products and can say with confidence this delivers the best results--for recovery, detox, cleansing, energy...just generally feeling good! LivingFuel's SuperGreens always picks me up and gives me so much energy and focus. Thank you guys so much for this incredible, high quality amazing product. I literally crave it I love it so much.


By Lina


Was Dying from Autoimmune till Livingfuel SuperGreens gave me the nutrition I needed

While in Tampa, Fl in 2007 I had been very sick with autoimmune Vascular disease , Autoimmune bile duct dysfunction called  Secondary Bilaniary dyskenesia , SInce this was first discovered in 2003 I had almost died 3-5 times with liver failure, Heart issues three stents 6 ercp procedures to open the bile duct and i was being feed steroids, metatrixate " cancer pills to kill the immune system, and antibiotics. Well I was trying to work part time when I could just to stay afloat and I work on a persons home as a carpenter who is a ex-pro football player of 14 yrs and retired from the Tampa Bey Bucs,
Him and I was talking one day in his kitchen and he told me he has pancreatic disease , and had almost died from it .So I shared with him my battle with autoimmune disease and he just looked at me and said " WOW I guess that is why I ordered the extra can of living greens." He reached up in his cabinet and got a new canister of living greens and a new shaker cup." He said Billy you must try this it has keep me alive..... So after 15 days of using this product I lost 16 lbs, Had more energy and felt healthier.. To date I have lost 53lbs, and am healthier due to this product.... My immune system is strong, and My liver has regenerated too 100% from 52% this was a God send over the years I have referred these products to people with different health issues all with resounding results!!!! and My So Nick 27 whom has always been healthy loves it he is really into fitness, and just got honorable discharged from the Army.. That you Brothers and Sisters for the Living Foods recovery and products.... I wouldn't be here without YOU !!!!! God Bless you ALL>>>>> and Keep keeping us healthy I now onlt take 3 Rx per day down from 18 rxs per day 7 yrs ago and some of my doctors listened three started ordering it.....
Rev. Billy Ray

By Rev. Billy Ray


Awesome Product!

The Living Fuel is such an awesome product and I swear by it! I use it for my intermittent fastening diet and it works wonders!! The product gives me all the micronutrients I need! I can't ask for a better product!


By Stewart Kuhn


All My Patients Feel More Energetic

Using Living Fuel, all of my patients feel more energetic; however they don't achieve significant weight loss unless they break other bad habits, namely lack of exercise and high suger intake. Of course, these misgivings are no news to you. In my own case, I have achieved amazing results during the last nine months. I lost 32 lbs. and my BMI retreated from 25.5 to 22 ... Both Dr. H and I believe there is no other product in the marketplace that remotely approaches Living Fuel in its ability to resolve weight problems, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. In fact, yesterday I was comparing the differences between the SuperBerry Ultimate and the SuperBerry regular, and I was amazed at the nutritional thinking employed in both products. With God's help, keep up the good work!


By Dr. L


Highest Quality & Best Tasting Greens Available

I use SuperGreens daily. I've found it to be the highest quality & best tasting greens available. I drink it with coconut water or just water every morning. It makes me feel strong, healthy, wide awake & full of energy to take on my day. I even take it when I travel, which is often. I highly recommend it to anyone that takes their health & well-being as seriously as I do.


By Mike W.


Love, Love Your Products!

We absolutely love, love your products. We usually purchase the SuperGreens. My husband and I are vegetarians and recently bought the Protein fuel. Nice to have the option to get the extra protein for our trainings months.


By Carrie R.


Helped Me Bounce Back From Postpartum!

Living Fuel has been great for me, especially over the last 8 months since I gave birth to my first child. It helped me bounce back from postpartum while giving me the extra energy I needed to survive those first 3 months w/ a new baby. I recommend LF to my family & friends hoping they will get total nutrition too! How young can children begin the LF smoothies? Thanks again!!


By Angela K.


Hair, Skin, Nails, Energy Are Stronger Than Ever!

I LOVE the SuperGreens product and am very happy I found it. My overall health has changed
greatly. Actually, I recently had a very comprehensive blood screening done by my employer (a free perk) and I believe my score of 98 out of 100 is greatly due to my daily routine of SuperGreens. My hair, skin, nails, energy and etc. are stronger than ever.


By Luna


Excellent Products!

SuperGreens and SuperBerry have allowed me to better accomplish so many of my physical and even career goals. I just ordered LivingProtein because I'm upping my physical exercise. I'm sure it will be excellent like everything else you guys create. Much love and God Bless. Thank you for everything and a shout out to Elliot Hulse for leading me here.


By Brant


Praise God for Living Fuel!

I am so grateful to you and Monica for coming up with LivingFuel Products. My husband was able to get off of his meds from Myasthenia Gravis (Mestinon and Prednisone), plus Hypertension meds due to side effects from all the other meds he's been taking. He also was able to lose a lot of weight (221lbs down to 169lbs in 6 mos only!) when he took LivingFuel Greens + Protein 2x a day, coupled with exercise. We placed our first order in Nov 2012. He is still not taking meds save for his Thyroid med - the only one left!

Praise God indeed that LivingFuel products are helping a lot of people. I have been spreading the word about LivingFuel using the flyers I get every shipment because of all the good things that it has brought to our health as a family.

I now know that if ever we get cancer or any life-threatening disease, we will only take LivingFuel!


By Maria R.


Highly Recommend This Product for People of All Ages

This superb super drink has brought great youth into my lifestyle. But mainly I would not go as far as to buy a protein bar, livingfuel got me back to the good years. I would highly recommend this product for people of all ages. My sincere thank you to all of the great minds at livingfuel. -an olympian


By An Olympian


SuperGreens is Great!

Hi! I bought SuperGreens from hearing about it from Elliott Hulse, and tried it for the first time yesterday. I thought it great! The only thing was that I do not think it came with a scoop? I used a spoon to search for it, but I genuinely could not find it for some reason. Maybe I did not search hard enough haha. Maybe it is hiding at the bottom. I think this is an inherent problem with all powdered products, but I just wanted to give my feedback on the product. It had me feeling great and the taste was not not as bad as I could have expected! I actually felt like I could have gone without the sugar alcohols. It mixes pretty well without using a shaker bottle as well. I used a big cup and spoon and it had no problems whatsoever. Here's to your product and hoping many more months and years to come. Cheers!

Living Fuel: Hi, Ki! We're sending you a new scoop by mail in case you don't find one in your SuperGreens. Thanks and here's to your Super Health!


By Ki Chan


Living the Dream. Fueling the Dream

Hello Craichy Family, I have been using LivingFuel SuperGreens for over a year after hearing it endorsed by Elliott Hulse, and I’m a total die hard for it. It’s convenient, powerful and makes me feel amazing due to its dense nutrient profile. I have recently thought of a campaign/marketing slogan I felt was catchy enough to deserve this message: Living the Dream. Fueling the Dream. LivingFuel. It’s simple, to the point, and with a little modern colloquialism thrown in, it's culturally aware. I wish you all a prosperous future so LivingFuel can continue to help people worldwide. Justin S.

By Justin S.


I love LivingProtein!

I love LivingProtein's great neutral mild vanilla taste that mixes well with fresh fruit, juice or with Living Fuel's Super Greens.




Your Product Is Amazing!

Amazing! That's your product. My family use it since 5 days and all I could say about it is amazing. I bought it actually for my husband who felt really down last few weeks and because we eat just only organic food, I use no chemicals in my house and we try to do as much as possibly to stay healthy. But he was really not happy and depressive. I have seen your product on TTAC from Ty Bolinger and thought we have to try. An it is a miracle. He is simply a different man. And I also gave it my children and what I have seen that they have stopped craving immediately. Earlier after breakfasts or any meal they used to come and said that they are still hungry. Literally they could eat non stop and be never satisfied. Now I make them smoothie with LivingFuel after breakfast and one in the afternoon and they are fine and got loads more energy. And I know it is just beginning. It is not the cheapest product on the market but it replace all my supplements and vitamins what I was buying like for example spirulina. And I am really pleased to have it in my house as a part of healthy diet. Thank you very much!

By Aneta Krenz


A Great Nutritional Choice For Emergency Food Storage Too...

With 3 year normal unopened shelf life when appropriately stored in a cool, dry area, this product offers a great nutritional choice for emergency food storage. The containers are certainly suited for "grab and go" portability as well. Plus, I personally like the concentrated good taste and ability to serve as replacement meals. My thanks to Ty Bollinger (TheTruthAboutCancer.com) for acquainting me with Living Fuel. I most appreciate too, that Living Fuel is a Christian company.


By Joe Lanier


I LOVE my Living Fuel!!

I gave a cannister to my 26yo twins for Christmas & have referred 2 more people to your site, which I believe will both be new customers of yours : )

I will continue 'sharing' your wonderful product with many others I come in contact with, too.


By Cathy

Extraordinary Product!

Living Fuel is an extraordinary product. As a nutritional consultant, I have tested many "green drinks," but Living Fuel is one of the best.


By Richard


I feel healthier and more energetic!

Since starting on my daily use of Living Fuel SuperGreens and Protein, I have felt so much better. It both satisfies my hunger as well as my body just seems to feel healthier and more energetic. I have two shakes per day, one scoop of ultimate greens and protein in each drink. I recommend Living Fuel Super Greens to all my friends!


By Tanya

I Absolutely Love Your Products!

I absolutely love your products and have noticed a significant improvement in my digestion (more specifically, my bowel movements) since beginning my breakfast smoothie protocol!!! I use one scoop Super Greens, one scoop Super Berry Original, and one scoop Living Protein. I do have a concern. I am trying to heal what my holistic practitioner and I believe to be a very mild case of leaky gut. Are your products safe for consumption during this healing process? Please advise. Thanks!

Living Fuel --- Hi Amanda and thanks for your message. LivingFuel's whole meal superfoods contain prebiotics, micro-encapsulated probiotics and a wonderful digestive enzyme complex to help promote healthy digestion and gut function, perfect as you combat and help your body heal leaky gut. Always good to check first with your holistic practitioner as they may have you on a particular nutritional protocol.


By Amanda


SuperBerry Ultimate is amazing!

Wow! Super Berry Ultimate is amazing! Tastes great mixed just with water in a Living Fuel Blender Bottle. I feel energized and healthy. The perfect "on the go" breakfast. I can't go without it!




There's No Better Product on the Market!

I am a competitive 41 year old triathlete and as such my body requires superior nutrition. In searching for the best possible product available I discovered Living Fuel through a friend who has been in the nutrition industry and has been a health fanatic for about 10 years. His advice to me was that there was no better product on the market at any price than Living Fuel and for me to give it a try. I have been using Living Fuel for 2 months now and have dropped a previously very stubborn 16 pounds while dramatically improving my overall energy level and feeling of well-being and significantly improving my performance level and race times. I am confident that Living Fuel is the reason for this and I wholeheartedly recommend this product to everyone I meet. I have also been able to discontinue taking about $5 per day worth of supplements because all of the ingredients are in Living Fuel. This makes it an incredible value. This is a wonderful product that delivers what the body needs!


By Davis


Great and Gluten Free

It took me years to figure out I had celiac disease. My system was really quite bad and despite taking over 80 vitamins a day I was malnurished. Finally, my body is able to absorb the nutrients in Living Fuel. My life is soooo different. My hair is thick!! That is a huge change. I am not grumbly or cranky. I laugh all the time. In fact, I haven't laughed this much or this hard since high school. I have done a 28 day Ultimate Berry smoothie fast and now I just stay on the Living Fuel smoothie once or twice a day.


By B.T.


This Shake is My New Best Friend!

Living Fuel Superberry Ultimate has been life changing! I no longer have joint pain, problems with sleeping, my menses, and feel a sensation in my body that is indescribable. My skin and hair look vibrant, feel softer, And I feel less tension in my shoulders. I have also noticed a diminishing of cellulite, a clearer mind, and my desire to exercise has returned since I am no longer afraid to expend energy in the fear that I would not be able to perform my daily responsibilities due to exhaustion and over-exertion. This shake is my new best friend!


By J.S.


Love This Product!

I love this product. I take it with warm oats milk. It mixes well. Pl advice if it's ok to take LFP with hot drinks?

Living Fuel: Hi, Kusum! You can add LivingProtein® to hot drinks. Enjoy!

By Kusum


Best Product For Your Body

Can't go without my SuperGreens! I work a minimum of 70 hours per week and just don't have the time, knowledge or patience for meal prep. This product has made it very convenient for me to get the proper nutrition being that everything your body needs to run like a fine tuned machine is packed into these shakes. I've spent too much time online researching nutrition and greens shakes, but discovered that living fuel has by far the best and most nutritious product.  You pay top dollar but you are getting top quality super nutrition and it's all been ground up into one container, making it very convenient if you ask me. When I start my day with a green shake, I know I've started my day with a great choice. I don't feel like caffeine is so mandatory and I'm a hundred percent sure my cravings for sweets and breads are going away.  Shout out to Elliiott Hulse or I would have never discovered this!  Thanks for keeping this on the shelf, Living Fuel!

By Ethan Johnson


This Nutrient is the Best Ever

Love it totally. Being diabetic, you can't eat a lot of food and still maintain low BS. With Super Berry Ultimate, my hair is smooth and soft, my finger nails don't split and break, my skin is clear and soft. This nutrient is the best ever. I'm buying some for Christmas presents. It saved my life!!


By L.M.


Fueling Me Across America

Just wanted to let you know that I used Living Fuel the past two months to help fuel me across America on my bicycle. It worked great and I noticed I rode much better and felt much stronger after having LF for dinner the night before and was significantly more energized when I had it for breakfast. I mixed the regular Living Fuel with water (and sometimes Gatorade powder) and drank LF Protein with either water, milkshakes or chocolate milk (my favorite). Honestly, I doubt my trip would have been as successful (no injuries or medical emergencies) without LF. I am definitely thankful for it and so are my legs!


By Leigh


Eat Healthier for Less Money

If people would just add up what they spend on entertaining their stomachs with - alcohol, eating out, etc. and the cost of the prescription drugs they take to combat the consequences they would see it is far more affordable to by Living Fuel products and have no more health issues. A colleague at work found he could drink SuperBerry Ultimate everyday for lunch and cut his lunch costs by 66%, plus he will be much healthier as well.


By Simon


All Supplements in One

I came to know about this product through my roommate.
At first, I tried the berry flavor and I liked the taste. When I looked into the ingredients, I noticed that I was spending more money by purchasing coq10, probiotics, greens separately. I replaced all my supplements with living fuel products(berry, greens and protein).
My energy levels increased. Reduced Cravings.
I replaced two of my meals with living fuel super smoothies.

Thanks for amazing supplements


By Krishna


Living Fuel is Awesome and Helps Me Feel Great!

Living Fuel is awesome!! I have been on the Superbery ULTIMATE for about 2 weeks, drinking a shake every morning for breakfast. It's awesome and it really helps me feel great! I noticed right away that I have a lot more energy, and 10 servings of fruits & veggies in just 1 serving is a ton of nutrition. Thanks for making a SUPER product!!!


By David Blackmon


75 Years Young and Loving LivingFuel SuperBerry and SuperGreens!

I am 75 yrs old/young! The most impressive part of the SuperBerry and the SuperGreens effect on me is I am able to keep going and going, like the proverbial rabbit. It has enabled me to ramp up the distances I can do with walking which I do every day weather permitting as I prefer to walk outside. It is best that I break up the walks as I have a problematic left hip. It has also prompted me to do band exercises in the house. I still work full time. I feel generally fitter. I use 1 measure of the SuperBerry mix and 1 of the SuperGreens each day to which I add a cup of low fat almond milk and what ever fresh fruit - banana, melon, or berries, and ice and use this as a meal replacement for breakfast. On the weekends I use only 1 measure of the SuperBerry mix with the milk and fruit, for lunch. Have lost some weight, about 6 lbs but clothing is no longer tight. Thanks, Cyndy

By Cyndy


Truly & Completely Awesome!

The very first time I tried Living Fuel was when my wife and I traveled to Hawaii. Words cannot describe how fantastic the taste is and the results of going non stop on our first serving. Eight hours!! Truly & completely awesome!!!


By G.S.


Energy Levels Have Greatly Improved

I am on week 4 of LF and feel like my old self again! My energy levels have greatly improved. I have been doing 3 shakes per day. My clothes are feeling sooo much better! I have not weighed in over 2 weeks. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroid 3 years ago this is the best I have felt. I feel I have my life back! Thank you Lord! Thank you Monica and KC. God bless! Sue, Florida


By Sue


Living Fuel Products Have Remarkably High ORAC Scores

It really is not surprising to me that all four of the Living Fuel products have scored remarkably high ORAC scores against ALL five commonly measured free radicals, namely: peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxynitrite, superoxide anion and singlet oxygen. This is easily explained by the combination of whole food extracts, enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in the Living Fuel products. Scientific research has shown that the synergy of all of these ingredients are much more effective than individual antioxidants, and in fact are more effective than individual foods known to be high in antioxidants. Equally, if not more important, than the Living Fuel’s neutralizing effect on the 5 free radicals, is the overall benefit of the multitude of whole food concentrates in these products. It is now well known that the hundreds of phytonutrients found in these plant and fruit concentrates, in their molecular forms, attach to many cell surface receptors, and via signal transduction (using cellular protein kinases), send messages to the cell nucleus. This process allows the genetic code to open and send all the needed messages to the body of the cell ( the cytoplasm) to make everything that is required for optimal health. It is important to point out that processed and overcooked foods using the same system create negative messages that put the cells under constant stress and produce inflammatory markers that effect the entire body. We now know inflammation is the starting point of most all diseases.. I think Hippocrates’ admonition to “Let your food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your food” is exemplified by Living Fuel. In fact, the Fuel works well by itself or also very nicely mixed with vegetable or fruit smoothies. I have seen patients, friends, and family members recover from serious medical conditions by using the Fuel as the mainstay of their diet until they have improved. In summary, Living Fuel is a foundational product for the only proven age management technology, namely, caloric restriction, with optimum nutrition. Dr. S


By Dr. S.


A Forever Customer

I just wanted you to know how fabulous the LivingProtein tastes. I mix it with vanilla almond milk twice a day. I have lost almost 20 pounds in 2 months. Thank you so much for a great product!! No other protein mix comes close, and I've tried them all. A forever customer, Sherrie

By Sherrie


Huge Fan of Living Fuel

I'm a huge fan of Living Fuel. Thank you for making such an awesome product. After "experimenting" this year with other "meal replacements" nothing comes close to this product. So I'm done "experimenting". I love this product so much I wanted to share this story. I have had a friend for 10 years who is morbidly obese and diabetic. We happen to work together and one day when I made my smoothie at work I gave her a sample to try. She is not a blended drink fan but she liked it. She asked a lot of questions which I had information about because you guys have so much information about your product and about nutrition. A few days later after I showed her the website she asked if she could "borrow" enogh powder for the 7 day challenge. One weak later she is a customer of yours now. I think it's amazing that this woman who has been struggling for so long has found you. I thank you for perhaps helping my friend find a nutritious path in life. She, in turn, is talking to other womean she has known for over 30 years who share her weight struggles. It's awesome to watch, awesome to participate in, and God is good for using me as a vehicle to bring more conscousness to the importance of nutritions to those who are in need of it the most. Keep up the great work and YOU have a Super day! Renia


By Renia


Living Fuel is Both Convenient and Healthy

When I'm on the go, traveling, or need a quick pre or post workout snack, it can be tough to find something that is both convenient and healthy. Bars, sports drinks and gels tend to be sugary and full of preservatives, and real food like sandwiches or wraps can be time-consuming to make or tough to digest during exercise. When I discovered SuperBerry and SuperGreens, I knew my problem was solved. Not only does this stuff have everything my body needs to fight the high amounts of free radicals I generate from my Ironman training, but it also tastes fantastic and contains nutrients that actually support my immune system, my skin, my gut and more! SuperBerry and SuperGreens should be in every traveler's carry-on bag, every exerciser's gym bag and every health-conscious person's pantry. Cheers! Ben


By Ben


Thank You for This Incredible Product

Thank you for your gift of this incredible product, Living Fuel, that is doing the job for dad, that is keeping him full and provides all the nutrients he needs.

By Ben


I LOVE Your Products

So many good products that start out well sell out to large manufactures. Please do not sell your company to a manufacturer who will not care about the vision you have created. I LOVE your products, they are the only ones that I have used that have helped me. I've grown weary of good products selling to large corporate manufacturers. I would be sick if that happened to this product. Keep up the awesome work that you do with such an amazing product.


By L.J.


Profound Change in My Body

As I write this at 11:29 AM, I am compelled to state the profound change that has occurred in my body since ingesting 12 liquid ounces of this seemingly miracle food. Energy: I am a caffeine addict who has had to balance drinking coffee with how I can function productively in between bathroom breaks. I have had no coffee since taking Living Fuel and as I sit at a seminar with high end ideas, I find myself in state of calm alertness understanding every word spoken by an Author who is #1 on Amazon at this moment. Fullness: I am not hungry and feel my body is operating at optimum efficiency. Normally I would have dips in blood sugar levels and I would often put out the small mid morning hunger fire with carbs, only to be tired a while later. I am not hungry at all. Sense of well being: Move over caffeine- I feel better than you made me feel. I feel bizarrely happy. As a former drug addict - I know when I like a good feeling. Thankfully- I can keep this and know I actually helping myself. Full, energized, happy. Oh- and with the lower calories taken, I expect to lose weight. KC- put me down for satisfied customer and let's set up a shipping plan so I am never "Jonesing" for Living Fuel going forward. Thank YOU! It's too early to say for certain but I believe you just changed my life.


By T.B.


Energized and Satisfied for Hours

Love Super Berry Ultimate! Use it as my midday meal at least three times a week. It keeps me energized and satisfied for hours. Thanks for such a wonderful product!


By R.F.


An Exceptional Quality Product

I felt led to write a review about the Ultra Fat Flush Challenge I did for two weeks. I made two shakes a day using one scoop of either the greens or the superberry and then one scoop of the protein powder and then had a healthy dinner consisting of no animal products. I wasn't really looking forward to doing this but decided to take on the challenge. I'm glad I did!! I feel amazing and I look amazing. I was not a heavy person to start with and probably had 10 lbs. to lose. I thought I had a pretty good amount of energy before I started this. Well, doing this challenge has definately changed me. For starters, I've lost 11 lbs. and I have more energy then I had before. I no longer need coffee at 2:30 in the afternoon. I am alert and my body feels charged and ready to go. I am able to power through workouts and my recovery is great. I have experience better muscle recovery and actually better quality sleep. My cellulite is gone and I can see greater muscle defination. It is very exciting to me as the last 10 lbs. felt like they would never come off. Your product has helped my strip them away. I am very pleased with the products and even though I am done with the challenge I will continue to use the shakes when needed and follow your "diet" book. Thank you for your committment to an exceptional quality product that is unfounded in today's market!!!!! April NJ


By April


This is a Knock-out Product!

What a great life-saver smoothie! I'm so happy to have the equivalent of a meal (albeit that you drink it in 10 seconds!) instead of resorting to an apple, or nothing! which is usually what I end up doing when I'm dashing ... thank you so much for creating this knock-out product! Congratulations!

By C.J.


LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Aminos

This is great stuff, after I take the amino's i feel great!

Thanks for the great work you guys are doing :)


By Jack


This Product Has Revolutionized My Life!

I couldn't agree more!! This product has truly revolutionized my life!! I have more energy and feel better than ever!!


By J.M.

Amazing Product!

This product is amazing! I can't go ONE day without it!!


By J.M.


Living Fuel Is A Blessing!

Living Fuel truly is a BLESSING!


By M.O.


I Am Passionate About Your Products!

I'm very passionate about your brand and I would love to share it with others. Your products consistently exceed my expectations. Thank you, Dana


By Dana


Super Berry Ultimate & Super Greens Mix

I have been drinking a mix of SuperBerry & the Original Super Greens smoothie for about 3 months now. I had been having challenges absorbing nutrients from food for years along with digestive difficulties and ongoing fatigue. Most people have trouble losing weight and I could not gain any. I am grateful I found Living Fuel through The Truth About Cancer movement with Ty Bollinger. My digestion has bounced back greatly, my energy is up & gained a couple of pounds (it is a great thing in my case!), and I feel inspired to understand SuperFood nutrition to great length and help others with their challenges! Even my little swimmer is drinking the SuperSmoothie with me every day. Noticed we bounce back from sickness faster. Thank you!! PS: Customer service is superb!


By V Haldeman


Living Fuel is now a staple in my diet.

This last season I had my best year on the Pro Wakeboard Tour after competing for 10 years. At 26 years old, I'm actually one of the veterans on the wake scene, so keeping up with 18 year olds who are full of energy can be tough. The main thing that changed for me this year was that I was introduced to Living Fuel. I started drinking Living Fuel during the off season. At first I didn't really notice how much it was helping me. Then one week after I had been riding a lot with my friend, he mentioned how sore he was feeling. Right then I noticed I didn't feel very sore at all, and the only thing that had changed was I introduced Living Fuel to my diet. 

I ride both behind the boat and at the cable park, so I need all of the energy I can get. This year I used Living Fuel every day, and I drank the in sport recovery mix every time I would work out or ride. I finished 3rd over all on the Pro Tour, a  huge accomplishment for me, and that's because I was able to train at the highest level. I used Living Fuel as a meal replacement after I would train because it's got protein and a tons of nutrients from all the freeze dried produce. Normally my diet gets pretty slack when I'm traveling on the road for days and weeks at a time. Because Living Fuel is freeze dried though, I put it in a canister and can take with me on trips. This was huge for me because I kept my nutrient level really high and calories down while traveling. 

Living Fuel is now a staple in my diet. When I'm at home I usually mix it with a banana and some coconut water for flavor. I'm not sure where I'd be without the fuel. So, I just want to say thank you, Living Fuel.


Austin Hair Wakeboard Jump


By Austin Hair

This is a delicious snack mix that is very satisfying.  I appreciate God's wonderful foods put together in a desirable way, I will use this product all the time and give it to my family who are now grown, but that will never matter, as a mother, I will ALWAYS give my children the best, even if they are adults!!  I want the BEST for my whole family ALWAYS!!  Thank you JESUS!!  God never fails me!!  Yes and Amen!!

By Greta Somers


On top of the world!

On May 23, 2009 at 8:30 a.m., Living Fuel champion Lori Schneider stood on top of the world!  Her journey began with twelve months of intense preparation and training.  She began the actual climb from Everest Base Camp on April 14, 2009, and after five weeks of acclimatizing to the high attitude and difficult climbing, she reached Camp Four at 26,000 feet (8,000 meters).

Summit Day began May 22nd at 10:00 p.m.  Lori and her team reached the 29,035 foot (8,850 meter) summit of Mount Everest after a grueling 10 ½ hour climb in minus four degree cold, 60 mile-per-hour winds and virtual white-out conditions.  She stood on top of the world for ten minutes and then began her descent - another dangerous six hours down out of the treacherous Death Zone, where 80% of Everest climbing accidents occur. Lori and her team arrived back safely at Everest Base Camp on May 25th ending the 51-day adventure.

Only the most accomplished climbers can say that they have stood atop Everest and only the very best of these athletes complete the amazing Seven Summits challenge - reaching the highest peak on each of the seven continents.  Mt. Everest was Lori's seventh summit and she is now among the climbing elite and one of only 25 women in history to reach all Seven Summits.

While this would be a remarkable accomplishment for anyone, what’s even more incredible is that 52 year-old Lori was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999.  Since then, she has pushed on with a “no excuses” attitude, committing herself to an inspirational training regimen and incorporating LivingFuel into her diet.

Lori says, “Living Fuel is the highest quality product I’ve ever found. The ingredient list is phenomenal and it tastes great!  I was proud to display the Living Fuel flag on top of Mount Everest.” Lori and her team could only stay on the summit for ten minutes because of the brutal cold and biting wind, but they were there long enough to snap this photograph.  Look closely under the Living Fuel logo on the flag and see where she added the inspirational text “Fuel Your Body, Live Your Dreams”.

How did Lori fuel her adventure?  In addition to the hot meals prepared by the team's sherpa support staff, she started each day with a LivingFuel SuperSmoothie of one scoop of SuperBerry Ultimate and one scoop of SuperGreens mixed with water.  During her climbs, she carried two water bottles - one full of the SuperBerry Ultimate/SuperGreens blend and the other with pure water.  Each day, Lori snacked on two LivingFuel CocoChia Bars and took LivingFuel Super Essentials Omega softgels.  Her climbing teammates tended to fill up on chips, pretzels and other snack foods, but Lori was guided by the the precept "Fuel your body, don't just fill your body."


By Lori Schneider


A Winning Formula!

Manny Huerta competed in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England as a member of the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team. Huerta won a spot on the team by placing among the top finishers at the ITU World Triathlon event in San Diego, California.

Huerta is a Living Fuel Champion and said he depends on the nutritional power of LivingFuel products to give him everything his body needs to excel during training and racing.

"Living Fuel has made a huge difference in fueling me to win a place on the Olympic Triathlon Team," Huerta said. "I depend on SuperBerry Ultimate, Living Protein, SuperEssentials Aminos and all of the other amazing LivingFuel products to prepare me to do my very best."

Huerta was born in Cuba and moved with his family to the United States at the age of 13. He trained for the Olympic Games in an unusual way by sleeping in an active volcano in Costa Rica. He worked out in Cartago at almost 5,000 feet above sea leavel, then drove up to the volcano at about 7,000 feet to sleep.


By Manny Huerta


Thank God for Living Fuel!

I am so grateful to you and Monica for coming up with LivingFuel Products. My husband was able to get off of his meds from Myasthenia Gravis (Mestinon and Prednisone), plus Hypertension meds due to side effects from all the other meds he's been taking. He also was able to lose a lot of weight (221lbs down to 169lbs in 6 mos only!) when he took LivingFuel Greens + Protein 2x a day, coupled with exercise. We placed our first order in Nov 2012. He is still not taking meds save for his Thyroid med - the only one left!

Praise God indeed that LivingFuel products are helping a lot of people. I have been spreading the word about LivingFuel using the flyers I get every shipment because of all the good things that it has brought to our health as a family.

I now know that if ever we get cancer or any life-threatening disease, we will only take LivingFuel!


By Maria R.


Living Fuel keeps me healthy, fit, lean and ready

When training, or recovering…Living Fuel has been instrumental.  Even at my job as a Firefighter/Paramedic-Living fuel covers me at the station and on duty to fill gaps.  I always have something to go to if I need fuel, and clean fuel.

The options with variety also allow me to never get bored with taste.  It’s easy, simple, and filling.  It also helps me know that if I take a dose before bed-which I usually do, I know I am rebuilding while I sleep.  All around Living Fuel keeps me healthy, fit, lean and ready.

At times after a long day on the bike, in the water, or running-my stomach is a little uneasy. Living fuel helps bridge the gap for me to get nutrients in and settle my stomach so I can get to something solid when I need more.  It just makes sense for me as an athlete.

Christian Isakson Extreme Athlete


By Christian Isakson


Keeps your hunger in check

This is delicious, I add it to frozen blueberries a splash of OJ and sometimes 1/2 a bananna or yogart. This does help with energy and keeps your hunger in check.




This is an amazing product!

This is an amazing product. In a market place full of products that seem to be made for profit not quality and people's health this is a wonderful gift to us all.




Your Products Are Amazing!

There is something pretty amazing about your products: You all don't have a Zillion supplements! This I find amazing, really! And I applaud and thank you that your not trying to get folks on many supplements. When you look at most companies they must have a good average 20 or 30 different ones (most have a ton more) and if you read about each one of them you would swear that they expect you SHOULD take them all!?! Thanks again! IN His Grace; Michael


By Michael

This Product is Impressive!

Just wanted to say Thank You. This product is impressive- I've researched it a fair amount and have a lot more to learn for sure. However, from what I've seen and in comparison to similar products, yours may very well be by far the very best there is, and that is quite an accomplishment.

I'm going to try to buy this for the rest of my life ... and am very appreciative there is something like this out there. Very nice work Sir.

Very Best & Happy Holidays,


By J


I Am So Thankful That I Learned About Living Fuel!

I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I LEARNED ABOUT L.F. FROM K.C. in the 11 Episode Special that Ty did. Easiest and healthiest way EVER to get soooo much GREAT nutrition and non animal protein!! I do still eat some other foods in the evening, but I truly love the quality and ease of the L.F. products. I need to write a review in your website soon!!


By Susan C.


LivingProtein Is An Awesome Addition!

LivingProtein is an awesome addition to my LivingFuel Greens and Berries! It mixes well and gives me even more of the protein power I need every day.


By J.N.


GMO Free

Fine product, glad it is GMO-free.

By T.P.


Keep Up The Great Work!

Received my order last week; wanted to let you know the black screw top lids on LivingProtein are awesome & hope they make it to your other products. The new formula tastes fantastic too. Keep up the great work. SJ, Texas


By S.J.


LivingProtein Is Nutritious, Tasty and Affordable!

Been using LivingProtein and I LOVE it. It fits exactly my 3 top criteria for food 1. Nutritious 2. Taste 3. Affordable Coca chia bars are pretty awesome as well!! D.O. Florida


By D.O.


LivingProtein Is A Fantastic Way To Start Your Day!

As an ex-bodybuilder and a sports nutritionist, it seems like I've tried every protein powder and protein concoction on the face of the planet. Frankly, most protein powders either 1) taste terrible but are healthy for you or 2) taste fantastic but are full of a chemical cocktail. But for the past year, I've been beginning everyday with a blend of LivingProtein combined with nuts and coconut milk. Compared to my old whey protein powders and canned shakes, this not only has better flavor, but also doesn't result in constipation, gas, blasting, nasty protein burp-ups or any other issues I've had in the past with protein powders. Instead, LivingProtein is holistic, real fuel that burns clean, tastes good, and is a fantastic way to start your day or end your workout! Cheers! Ben


By Ben


High Quality!

I have been purchasing your products for a number of years now and am more satisfied than ever! I have become very stringent with the foods I purchase and your products are right there at the top when it comes to quality! I am constantly recommending your products to my family, friends....and strangers as well ! Thank you for continuing to maintain such a high quality company. Blessings, Susan Y


By Susan Y.


Exceptional Quality Product!

I felt led to write a review about the Ultra Fat Flush Challenge I did for two weeks. I made two shakes a day using one scoop of either the SuperGreens or the Superberry and then one scoop of the LivingProtein powder and then had a healthy dinner consisting of no animal products. I wasn't really looking forward to doing this but decided to take on the challenge. I'm glad I did!! I feel amazing and I look amazing. I was not a heavy person to start with and probably had 10 lbs. to lose. I thought I had a pretty good amount of energy before I started this. Well, doing this challenge has definitely changed me. For starters, I've lost 11 lbs. and I have more energy then I had before. I no longer need coffee at 2:30 in the afternoon. I am alert and my body feels charged and ready to go. I am able to power through workouts and my recovery is great. I have experience better muscle recovery and actually better quality sleep. My cellulite is gone and I can see greater muscle definition. It is very exciting to me as the last 10 lbs. felt like they would never come off. Your product has helped my strip them away. I am very pleased with the products and even though I am done with the challenge I will continue to use the shakes when needed and follow your "diet" book. Thank you for your commitment to an exceptional quality product that is unfounded in today's market!!!!! April NJ


By April


This is the best nutritional decision that I have ever made!

Before Living Fuel I was not able to take ANY protein powders without breaking out. I had HORRIFIC experiences with other brands. This is the best nutritional decision that I have ever made that changed my life. My skin feels better. My digestive system feels better. And I am making serious muscle gains. Thank you Living Fuel!


By Brian


I absolutely love LivingFuel LivingProtein!

I absolutely love LivingFuel LivingProtein. It has helped me personally with my sugar lows (hypoglycemia) that I battled with most of my life. Since I have been using Living Fuel I have not had this problem. I love the fact that it is such a clean product, with nothing harmful and packed with lots of needed supplements. Also, I appreciate how fast I receive my order each time. You guys are wonderful! Angel

I pray for your continued success with this product. I know it will be a blessing to so many others.

Love and prayers,



By Angel


Great for kids and adults!

I have been making a smoothie every day for breakfast for the past 3 months with LivingProtein, mixed with water and various fruits and leafy vegetables. Not only does it taste great, but it gives me the energy to tackle the day and I don't get hungry until lunch. My four-year-old even begs for his "mini-smoothie" every day too. He is a Type I Diabetic and I love that it doesn't spike his blood sugar. Great product!!

By Jen


Great Product and Tastes Really Good!

I was introduced to you products by Elliott Hulse. I must admit your products are definitely a great way to start your day!! I feel more energetic throughout my whole day. I make 2 smoothies a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon and I eat a sensible nutritional dinner. You have a customer for life!!! Blessings.




Brand new

Today is the day I decided to change my life. I'm a severe sugar addict and not only have I gained 80lbs, this sugar is slowly killing me and making me unsociable from the embarrassing weight gain....I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!! Financially, it was a tough decision, but my life doesn't have a price tag...here's to good health, and each month I hope to report substantial weight loss!!


By Shelly Arviola


Thank you for your wonderful protein powders!

Thank you for your wonderful protein powders. I can't tell you how much better I feel. I'm on a low carb diet and your products are really helping me get all the nutrition I need with a low carb count. the weight is coming off slowly but surely and I feel great. This is after a lifetime of dieting and failing. My question is: On your berry and greens, you show fibre and carb values. Are the carb values net? In the UK we deduct the fibre from the total carbs to get the net carb value. I read that this is already done in the USA so the carb value shown on the packaging is the net carb value because you have already deducted the fibre from it. I would be grateful ifyou could clarity this for me. Thank you again for your amazing products which I buy through evolutionorganics.uk Susan

Living Fuel: Hi, Susan and thank you for your kind note. We're so glad to hear that your are feeling much better now that you are using LivingFuel products.

A short answer to your question is that net carbs on Living Fuel labels are total carbs minus fiber and sugar alcohols.


By Susan

I recommend it with a banana and unsweetened almond milk...makes you feel quite full and gives you an energy boost, you feel lighter on your feet


I was hypothyroid and I did the 31 Day Home Cancer Cure and it recommended Living Fuel. I fixed my thyroid and have been in the normal range for 4 years now.  Within a week my energy was restored and at 42 I feel better than ever.

By Sarah E. Roork

I love all of your products but  especially this one (SuperBerry Ultimate). I can’t have much sugar so this is perfect for me! I researched your company & I am pleased to find that your ingredients are all organic & have what they claim to have in them! Thank you so much, customer for life

By Nicole Grauvogl


A+ Product!

LIVINGFUEL LIVINGPROTEIN has a good, mild, and "clean" tasting flavor. I mixed it in the blender with 12 oz ice-cold-water, two large ice cubes, and a banana. Perfect Breakfast. Keeps you full for a good 3-4 hours. A+ product! Thanks Living Fuel! :)


By Living Fuel Fan


These Are The Best!

The first thing I noticed when I went to the LivingFuel website is how healthy and wholesome the entire Craichy Family looked!

I was referred to LivingFuel by my MD. Since I had never taken any of the kinds of product LivingFuel offers, I studied the livingFuel website and watched a lot of their videos. Then I sought out other plant-based protein powders and compared them with LivingFuel’s protein powder. I found out that other products, though very healthy and plant based, just didn’t offer the amount of good stuff and ORAC value that LivingFuel's protein powder offers. I have not found a comparable product to LivingFuel's Essential Aminos.

I ordered the Vanilla Pea Protein Powder and the Essential Aminos and am very satisfied with these products. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I am putting a quality product in my body to optimize my health! I have started referring these products to my family and I am telling them, “Trust me, I have done the research and these are the best!



By Jennifer


The First Fish Oil I've Ever Been Able To Tolerate

Mr Craichy, I want to tell you that your SuperEssentials Omega oil is the first fish oil that I've ever been able to tolerate. I have tried many over the years and they have always upset my stomach. I've been taking yours for about 2 months now and I have not had one problem. Thank You and happy new year. Ronald N


By Ronald N.





By Ginny Illpop


This Amino is a Great Amino!

This Amino is a great Amino, when I am working out it gives me POWER to Lift more weight, I use it during and after work out... thank you


By Ahmed Salah


Love These Aminos!

Love these aminos first thing when I wake up and before/after workouts. I've never felt any difference from taking aminos, until now! Thank you Living Fuel for your amazing products that deliver serious results :)


By Jackie R.


Living Fuel SuperEssentials® Aminos and InSportRecovery helped me perform well with many a younger cyclist


Thirteen days before I rode the 103.8 mile trek called 6 Gap, you guided me wisely nutritionally. I turn 62 years old next month. I've trained by steadily putting in 20 to 40 mile rides over the last year almost always logging 100+ miles per week. The killer of 6 Gap was the 11,500+ elevation change over the 103.8 miles of north Georgia mountains.

For each of the 13 days before 6 Gap, my nutritional change was a SEA serving first thing, focused maximum intake of water mixed with 20 grams of high protein power and vitamins during my 21 mile training rides, increased protein intake at breakfast, 1.5 scoops of Living Fuel for lunch and balanced healthy meals at night.

I felt the increased B12 super charging my brain. I found the increase in protein grams and the nutritional aspects of the Liquid Fuel and SEA energizing my body.

I finished 6 Gap in 8 hours not counting 40 minutes of water and food breaks. InSport was in every drop I drank. Instead of bonking at mile 80 as I routinely did in my 4 previous 6 Gap rides, my strength was steady and consistent from beginning to end.

Thank you for the Fuel, the SEA and the InSport. Together they helped me perform well with many a younger cyclist.

God bless you and Monica,


By Raymer


Best Product I've Tried

This is the best product I have tried not only for recovery after my workout, but during as well! While training for Triathlons, I needed something to allow me to train my hardest and recover the quickest and maximize my efforts. I just finished a quick 23 mile training bike ride and used LF InSportRecovery for my drink before and during the ride. I just had a couple of scoops for recovery when I got home and I feel great. The main thing I noticed is the legs did not feel as tired or fatigued and we pushed the tempo into a 16 mph headwind in the first half of the ride. Also, I feel like I recovered mentally much quicker as well. I do not feel like my brain is tired or fatigued as it usually does after such a robust workout! Great Stuff!


By Brian


Congratulations on a great product!

When I go on a hike or a climb I normally take a liter of water, 2 Clif Bars, a few granola bars and a box of Welch's fruit snacks and usually eat it all by the time we head home in 4-5 hours. This time I just took a liter of water and 3 servings of the new InSport with Palatinose. I took one serving mixed in 300 ml of water before we left the trailhead and hiked 20 minutes up the cliff to the base of some climbs. We did one climb easy in difficulty about 100 feet long to warm up and then moved over to a climb that is more moderate in difficulty and about 70 feet long. Each time I come down off a route I would usually take a drink of water and usually eat a Clif Bar or granola bar, but on Saturday I didn't even think about eating until we took a break for lunch after the first three climbs. I took another serving of InSport and we climbed for another 2 hours. I did not feel low in energy, hungry or any more fatigued than I normally do after a morning of climbing. Crazy!! I am totally sold on this drink and I can't wait to try it on a hike I am doing in a couple of weeks. Congratulations on a great product!


By Mike


Thank you sooooooooo much!

Thank you sooooooooo much. Can you possibly tell the maker and founder just how grateful I am. Years of battling with anorexia, in and out of hospital because I was unable to do the sport I love either through injury or just not recovering properly and developing chronic fatigue. I have been using InSport Recovery as directed after exercise and no muscle soreness, no bloating, fantastic energy for the rest of the day. Just about to start on greens formula as well.


By Megan G.


This is the perfect snack food!

This is the perfect snack bar for anyone! My three year old nephew struggles with eating the right foods and rarely will try anything. I gave him the CocoChia snack bar for a treat and he loves them. I feel so great about feeding my nephew the best food he can have!!




Gluten Free Snack!

Forgot to say in my previous review that we need gluten free, we are celiac. These are the best tasting! Thanks




Great Taste!

Great taste on these. I like the fact that there is some chocolate in these to add to the flavor but not overwhelming. So many raw nutritional bars out there just don't taste good no matter how good they are for you but these are great. Also so glad to see the Therasweet for sweeteners for us pre-diabetics/diabetics. I'm sensitive to some of the sugar alcohols like sorbitol, mannitol, etc., but these natural ones don't bother me.


By L.B.


Using For Years!

I have been using Living Fuel products for 5 years and has helped with my health.


By M.R.


This Is So Great!

I just received my Livingfuel yesterday. It is so good. I decided to try the Cocochia Bar. All I can say is this is so great. I will be placing my order for more today.


By M.R.


These Bars Are Great!

My acupuncturist turned my teen onto these bars to eat during her mid afternoon school break. I cannot say how great they are and how much they've stabilized her sugar.

By M.J.


Excellent bars!

The first time I tried one of these bars was at the StrengthCamp Challenge in Tampa. I was competing and halfway through the competition I realized that I forgot to bring any food. Luckily KC was kind enough to bring a bunch of these bars and was giving them away for people to try. Normally I absolutely despise coconut so I was hesitant to try these but I was quite relieved and surprised to find that the coconut in the bar is a very fine texture and the taste is very subtle so it's not too overwhelming. I ended up having 2 of these bars and they gave me a very surprising amount of energy throughout the entire day. These are a great alternative to traditional energy bars that are on the market because they taste great but are all natural as well! I will not hesitate to buy these. Thank you KC!


By Rob Jarvis


Best Bar Ever!

Best bar ever .. great! it tastes like dessert




CocoChia Snack Mix

I love the individual packets, so it's fresh each time you open a pack. Went to Disneyland with my little Niece and Nephew so I took along a few packs in case we got hungry waiting in the lines. The kids loved it and were making such a fuss over who could have the last pack, people in line were looking at us. Definitely my favorite product, and can also be added to yogurt or smoothies, or anything you like.


By Sandra Mullins


I love this stuff!

I love this stuff!!! I feel so much better using this for my family than sugar :))) Thanks so much for creating it!! A big fan





I love this product! It tastes like the rock candy I would buy from the Amish people in Philadelphia. So happy I can sprinkle on fruit and feel good about it.


By Sherry Russo

This has a bold taste but not a bad taste. I will buy this again 100%  Can't wait to try the other products Living Fuel has to offer!

By Josh


I Am Impressed!

I am using your product as my afternoon meal, as I drive all over and usually stuff myself to much for sitting at the wheel all day. I am most impressed how Living Fuel has satisfied me as a complete meal, as I am over 300 lbs. Will give you more as time continues for me. PTL and thanks for your concern. Bobby

By Bobby

These are the best bars!!!!! It’s been awhile since I’ve had them, and I’ve been craving them. So I did a search, and found!! Melt in your mouth, coco-chia goodness.

By Rachel

I recommend your products to everyone! I have been drinking your smoothies for two years now and I can only say that when I miss a day I feel it! Thank you and your team for you for a wonderful product and professional service team...

By John parise

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