Testimonials - J.D. Drew Boston Red Sox Right Fielder

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It’s no secret Living Fuel is part of many pro athletes’ training regimens – only the best nutrition for the best athletes.


J.D. Drew, World Champion Boston Red Sox right fielder, powers up with Living Fuel shakes and bars every day.  They help give him an extra boost to feel and play his best.


J.D.’s dedicated training and practice paid off in the 2008 All-Star game. His hitting and defense earned him the Most Valuable Player award in his first All-Star game, which ended with a 4-3 win for the American League. 


"LivingFuel is my primary food on the road and my breakfast everyday. I’ve been using LivingFuel for over two years now and have noticed that I feel much healthier and not nearly as fatigued through- out the day. I definitely notice a drop in energy, focus and immunity if I happen to miss a couple days. It’s interesting that I often crave a LivingFuel smoothie – could be the taste, but most likely it’s my body craving the great nutrients in LivingFuel.”


Health Update - Video Interview with J.D. Drew (Pt 1) from LivingFuelTV on Vimeo.



Importance of SuperFood Nutrition - Interview With An All-Star


— J.D. Drew
J.D. Drew, Right fielder for the
World Champion Boston Red Sox

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