Testimonials - Austin Hair Pro Wake Boarder


Austin Hair is a world-class professional wakeboarder and wakeskater and has been competing on the Pro Wakeboard Tour since 2005. Austin is also a Living Fuel Champion!

"I compete professionally in both cable wakeboard and boat wakeboard. So for me, I need a lot of energy to be able to train in two different sports. I'm currently taking two shakes of Living Fuel every day, one for breakfast and one post training. I also just started using the InSportRecovery drink. It's crazy how much more energy I have, and how much less I'm eating. Sometimes, I will take 3 scoops of Living Fuel mixed with fruit in place of lunch and breakfast. One of the things I've noticed since taking Living Fuel is that I'm way less sore after a lot of intense exercise.


The thing I've come to realize about eating healthy is that your body is getting sufficient nutrients much more frequently and easily, which in turn results in a decreased appetite. I've actually cut down on the amount I've been eating while increasing my amount of exercise. I can't wait for next season now that I've discovered this new food source. I think of it kind of like a secret weapon."


Austin Hair

Professional Wake Boarder


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