Superfood Nutrition - Super Smoothie vs Juicing and Conventional Smoothies

Liquid Nutrition vs. Solid Foods

It may come as a surprise that in stressful situations like physical performance or the stresses of life the right liquid nutrition is preferable to solid foods. Solid foods actually can compete with optimal performance. Obtaining nutrients in a liquid form allows the digestive system to absorb them directly into your bloodstream. Hence, we see the world’s top endurance athletes consume a liquid diet during training and competition. Not only does a liquid diet save time, but it also prevents feeling full or bloated while being active.


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SuperFood Beyond Juicing


The Truth About Juice

Though juicing provides many benefits, there are also more than a few drawbacks. First, anyone who has ever operated a juicer knows the mess they have to clean up, often deterring us from using one in the first place. Since juicers do not preserve the pulp, it also takes quite a few fruits and vegetables to produce just a small amount of juice.

Though juicing does give you a quick boost of energy, you don’t get any of the healthy fiber offered by those same fruits and vegetables. Not only is the pulp some of the healthiest part, but the insoluble fiber slows down the sugar’s impact on your bloodstream.

Then there’s the simple factor of cost. A good juicer can squeeze a few hundred dollars out of your wallet. And, that doesn’t even touch the cost of all those fruits and vegetables you are going to run through it. Your money is better spent on a good blender (SEE Blender Recommendations). Read on…

Are Smoothies The Answer?

Don’t give up just yet, there is a liquid nutrition solution that is both simple to make and cost effective. Smoothies can be made with whole fruits and vegetables and provide a great source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Thanks to a higher fiber content, smoothies provide a sustained release of nutrients over time. By helping you feel fuller longer, smoothies are an acceptable choice for breakfast or lunch. Unfortunately, traditional smoothies contain far too much sugar and are deficient in protein and both macro and micro-nutrients.

A Healthy Alternative to Traditional Smoothies and Juices

LivingFuel SuperSmoothies provide the most powerful way to experience proper nutrition. These smoothies use a formula called the “Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition,” which includes calorie restriction, a low-glycemic diet, a high-antioxidant diet, and the use of healthy fats.

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