Superfood Nutrition - More than 50 Essential Nutrients Required by the Human Body


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The Power of SuperFood Nutrition


Science has identified more than 50 essential nutrients needed by the human body to perform at optimal levels.The body cannot produce any of these nutrients on its own, thus they must be obtained from food sources and dietary supplementation. If a person is deficient in any of these essential nutrients, the result is dysfunction and disease and complete absence results in death. There are also many well-known nutrients, enzymes, coenzymes, and phytochemicals that are extremely important, but not considered essential, and are found primarily in fruits and vegetables. For this reason, many nutritionists and dietitians advocate obtaining essential nutrients through whole foods rather than supplements. It would be fantastic if we could get all essential nutrition just by eating food because there are a lot of junk supplements including vitamin pills that use the cheapest available nutrients that have been isolated from their natural co-factors.

Unfortunately, getting all essential nutrients from food is virtually impossible. If it were possible, not only would you have to be extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, but you would also have to eat far too many calories to get sufficient amounts of every essential nutrient. This, of course, would be extremely unhealthy and defeat the purpose.

In order to get all of the required nutrition from your diet, you would have to eat only the freshest organic foods, a dozen or more daily servings of vegetables (mostly greens and bright colored vegetables), fruits and whole foods along with clean, naturally raised protein sources in addition to taking high-quality dietary supplements. The majority of our food supply is from over-commercialized farming sources that have been depleted of their nutritional value. Even the biblical Old Testament advocates the cycling and resting of farmland for one full year every seventh year to allow time for the soil to be replenished. Current farming methods do not allow farmland to rest at all and instead use fertilizer that contains only three minerals.

The average time between when produce is harvested (prior to peak nutritional value) and you purchase it in the grocery store is approximately 14 days or more. This results in further degradation of nutrient value. Canned and frozen foods can be even less nutritious.

Super Health can only be obtained by the regular consumption of every known essential nutrient along with their cofactors and with numerous other vital and beneficial nutrients whose greatest concentrations exist in nutrient dense Superfoods.

Since it is virtually impossible to get all of the required nutrition from food, the key to getting everything your body needs is to combine the most powerful superfoods with the most bioavailable forms of all essential nutrients. The result is you get every nutrient we know about plus many nutrients contained in foods that we do not yet even know about. We call this Superfood Nutrition, which is the basis for Living Fuel’s line of optimized Superfood nutrition products.


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