Sunscreen Safety

Dear Living Fuel Family,
This week marked the official first day of summer and as the temperatures heat up outside our family's attentions have turned to outdoor sun-drenched activities - in the pool, park or at the beach.
There is much debate about the importance and potential dangers of sun exposure and the value of sunscreen to block the sun and protect our skin.  So, is sun exposure harmful?  How effective are sunscreens?  Are the sunscreen ingredients that we lather on our family's skin doing more harm that good?  We tackle this subject in today's important HealthAlert.
Our friends at The Environmental Working Group (EWG) just released their extensive 2010 Sunscreen Guide that includes vital information such as sun safety tips, the EWG's objective review and ranking of the best sunscreens and "Find Your Sunscreen", a great online tool to help you evaluate the sunscreen in your beach bag right now.  There are sunscreens that work and many that do not.  Many of the EWG's top-rated brands are those that you most likely will not recognize. Click here to read the full report.
Monica and I presented a special Video HealthAlert in conjunction with the release of the EWG's 2009 Sunscreen Guide. The information remains timely and vital as your family heads outdoors to enjoy the summer sun.  


Here's to your SuperHealth,
KC and Monica Craichy
Founder & CEO
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