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LivingFuel SuperBerry® Original



Excite Your Taste Buds and Nourish Your Body

superberry original

The new and radically improved SuperBerry® Original is a tasty upgrade to any meal with a tangy, berry flavor. Based on the new standard of Ideal Daily Values, which are levels that have been deemed vital to promote optimal health, this super smoothie mix combines concentrated superfoods and nutrients from the highest quality organic, all-natural sources and provides an exceptional nutritional foundation to help you feel and perform your very best. There is no other smoothie mix that even comes close to matching the nutritional profile of Living Fuel and it's not humanly possible to eat enough food in one sitting to equate.

Ditch your supplements and get what your body needs from real food. LivingFuel has optimized levels of all 53 essential nutrients and more than 90 total health-boosting vitamins and minerals when you add in the dozens of conditionally essential nutrients present.

Each serving contains 27 grams of plant protein, 10 grams of fiber, 4 grams of sugar, 34 grams of carbohydrates and 292 calories.

SuperBerry® Original has the same concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fats, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbs, botanical extracts, and soluble plant fibers as the original LivingFuel SuperGreens. But instead of greens, each serving of this superfood contains more than 120 grams of antioxidant-packed whole organic berries, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries.

SuperBerry® Original is formulated to:

  • Boost your energy, vitality and mental clarity
  • Enhance your immunity
  • Improve digestion and elimination
  • Stimulate your metabolism
  • Increase muscle and bone density
  • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce cravings

Why berries?

Berries are nature's powerhouse fruit. They taste great and are densely packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals, and flavonoids. They are also high in fiber (which helps protect against colon cancer, regulates blood sugar levels, and lowers your risk of heart disease), as well as Vitamin C, (which aids in fighting off foreign invaders, neutralizing pollutants, and is vital in the production of collagen, essential for cartilage, joint, and skin health). Berries are also relatively low in sugar, so they won't stimulate insulin swings when eaten in moderation.

Studies show that eating cranberries and leads to higher levels of a flavonoid, called quercetin, in the blood. Quercetin is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against cardiovascular disease and possibly cancer. Also, antioxidant compounds in blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries may fight arterial disease by preventing the oxidation of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Different berries contain different levels of nutrients and are more beneficial for certain types of illnesses, which is why we include an assortment of berries in LivingFuel SuperBerry®.

What's the difference between LivingFuel SuperBerry® Original and SuperBerry® Ultimate?

SuperBerry® Ultimate contains additional organic fruit and berry extracts and other powerful nutrients resulting in a 20% higher antioxidant rating (Total ORAC5 150,000+) than SuperBerry® Original. SuperBerry® Ultimate and SuperBerry® Original are great broad-spectrum antioxidants and Ultimate is significantly better against peroyxl radicals. SuperBerry® Ultimate has more resveratrol and other nutrients and also includes 200 mg per serving of Super Growth Factor Chlorella. Both products are designed to sustain life indefinitely.

SuperBerry® Original contains NO:

  • GMOs, irradiation, pesticides or herbicides
  • Added sugar, soy protein or wheat
  • Gluten, yeast or milk
  • Whey, eggs, nuts, or maltodextrin
  • Preservatives, fillers or hydrogenated oils
  • Artificial flavors or colorings

Each BPA-free container of SuperBerry® Original contains 12 complete 2-scoop meals and up to 24 servings when used as a 1-scoop light meal to enhance your nutrition.

Serving Size: 2 scoops (76 grams)


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Customer Reviews

  • 5

    This is delicious, I add it to frozen blueberries a splash of OJ and sometimes 1/2 a bananna or yogart. This does help with energy and keeps your hunger in check.

  • 5

    This is an amazing product. In a market place full of products that seem to be made for profit not quality and people's health this is a wonderful gift to us all.

  • This Product Has Been My Lifeline Everyday and I Swear By It 5

    I have a painful nerve disorder and cannot chew solid food at all. This product has been my lifeline everyday and I swear by it. It has helped me stay alive nutritionally, along with meeting vitamin, mineral, and amino acid needs.

  • Your Products Are Amazing! 5

    There is something pretty amazing about your products: You all don't have a Zillion supplements! This I find amazing, really! And I applaud and thank you that your not trying to get folks on many supplements. When you look at most companies they must have a good average 20 or 30 different ones (most have a ton more) and if you read about each one of them you would swear that they expect you SHOULD take them all!?! Thanks again! IN His Grace; Michael

  • 75 Years Young and Loving LivingFuel SuperBerry and SuperGreens! 5

    I am 75 yrs old/young! The most impressive part of the SuperBerry and the SuperGreens effect on me is I am able to keep going and going, like the proverbial rabbit. It has enabled me to ramp up the distances I can do with walking which I do every day weather permitting as I prefer to walk outside. It is best that I break up the walks as I have a problematic left hip. It has also prompted me to do band exercises in the house. I still work full time. I feel generally fitter. I use 1 measure of the SuperBerry mix and 1 of the SuperGreens each day to which I add a cup of low fat almond milk and what ever fresh fruit - banana, melon, or berries, and ice and use this as a meal replacement for breakfast. On the weekends I use only 1 measure of the SuperBerry mix with the milk and fruit, for lunch. Have lost some weight, about 6 lbs but clothing is no longer tight. Thanks, Cyndy

  • This Product is Impressive! 5

    Just wanted to say Thank You. This product is impressive- I've researched it a fair amount and have a lot more to learn for sure. However, from what I've seen and in comparison to similar products, yours may very well be by far the very best there is, and that is quite an accomplishment.

    I'm going to try to buy this for the rest of my life ... and am very appreciative there is something like this out there. Very nice work Sir.

    Very Best & Happy Holidays,

  • I Feel Noticeably Better Overall! 5

    After a few weeks of drinking LivingFuel as a meal replacement for breakfast I feel noticeably better overall. I am convinced I was missing certain nutrients in my diet that are now present, and it really makes a difference in energy, sleep and well-being...and I'm feeling leaner too. Love this stuff. I blend one scoop each of berry and greens in 18oz of water with half a banana and one raw pastured egg. It tastes good and the results are pretty amazing.

  • Cool 5

    From the story of how it came to be and sparked by the nature of its best intentions is what about Living Fuel that really did change the World for the good. That is definitely something.

  • I Am So Thankful That I Learned About Living Fuel! 5

    I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I LEARNED ABOUT L.F. FROM K.C. in the 11 Episode Special that Ty did. Easiest and healthiest way EVER to get soooo much GREAT nutrition and non animal protein!! I do still eat some other foods in the evening, but I truly love the quality and ease of the L.F. products. I need to write a review in your website soon!!

  • Excellent Products! 5

    SuperGreens and SuperBerry have allowed me to better accomplish so many of my physical and even career goals. I just ordered LivingProtein because I'm upping my physical exercise. I'm sure it will be excellent like everything else you guys create. Much love and God Bless. Thank you for everything and a shout out to Elliot Hulse for leading me here.

  • I LOVE my Living Fuel!! 5

    I LOVE my LIving Fuel!!

    I gave a cannister to my 26yo twins for Christmas & have referred 2 more people to your site, which I believe will both be new customers of yours : )

    I will continue 'sharing' your wonderful product with many others I come in contact with, too.

  • I Absolutely Love Your Products! 5

    I absolutely love your products and have noticed a significant improvement in my digestion (more specifically, my bowel movements) since beginning my breakfast smoothie protocol!!! I use one scoop Super Greens, one scoop Super Berry Original, and one scoop Living Protein. I do have a concern. I am trying to heal what my holistic practitioner and I believe to be a very mild case of leaky gut. Are your products safe for consumption during this healing process? Please advise. Thanks!

    Living Fuel --- Hi Amanda and thanks for your message. LivingFuel's whole meal superfoods contain prebiotics, micro-encapsulated probiotics and a wonderful digestive enzyme complex to help promote healthy digestion and gut function, perfect as you combat and help your body heal leaky gut. Always good to check first with your holistic practitioner as they may have you on a particular nutritional protocol.

  • Feeling Healthy and Looking Great Will Be Priceles! 5

    I've been using the Superberry Original, Supergreens and Living Protein powders for the past week and have lost 5 pounds! I was taking the 7 Day Challenge but on the 7th day only took them twice instead of all three meals. (I also started a compatible diet plan called the Metabolic Factor a few days into it - no sugar or starch). I have to say that these meal replacement protein powders are the best I've ever used. I have more energy than ever! One more thing - on day one we actually went out to a Mexican restaurant and I had two margaritas, and the next day we went out for fried seafood and I still lost 5 lbs! (I know, those were bad choices but in spite of them, I lost weight and had more energy and I know it was from your Living Fuel products!)

    Although these products are quite expensive, I realize they can take the place of all the other (considerable) number of supplements I take and that will help bring down the cost. Not to mention that I've been trying to lose weight for years and my plan is to lose at least 30 lbs or more by Labor Day. I believe I'll be at my ideal weight by then. How can you put a price tag on that? Feeling healthy and looking great will be priceless! Thanks for your great products.


    Julie Adams

  • So far so good! 5

    I've been using the Superberry Original for a little over a week as a meal replacement / supplement to ensure my body is getting what it needs. I have a B12 and potassium deficiency and this seems to help keep the fatigue at bay that goes along with these deficiencies. I also add a whole banana, fresh strawberries and blueberries to the shake and it's amazingly delicious too! Depending on what activity I'm participating in it will keep my hunger under control from 1 hour to 3 hours but I would rate my activity as higher and more strenuous than average.

    Thank you for a product made with superior ingredients!

    In the future I hope to incorporate super greens in my diet as well!

  • Incredible Products - Request to Remove Stevia? 4

    Hi there, I absolutely love your products and alternate between them and Garden of Life RAW. I was wondering if you ever plan to make them without stevia? Neither my husband nor I like the aftertaste it leaves - it's pretty strong, so much so that it makes the taste less enjoyable. I'd love to be able to have it stevia-free!!

    Living Fuel --- Hi, Julianna and thank you for your review. LivingFuel products are lightly sweetened with such all-natural sweeteners as xylitol and/or stevia - low-glycemic, plant-derived sweeteners used in the diabetic community for several years. Sugar alcohols are not sugars and not alcohol but have a similar chemical structure as both, thus the name. Sugar alcohols are only partially digested and have a positive prebiotic effect on the gut. Not all sugar alcohols are the same. The best tolerated sugar alcohols are xylitol, mannitol, and erythritol. These three are generally very safe and well tolerated at higher quantities than other sugar alcohols such as sorbitol. We choose to use reasonable quantities of xylitol, mannitol and erythritol because they are generally well tolerated and because of their positive health qualities. When you consider the alternatives sugar, fructose and artificial sweeteners it is easy to understand our choice.

    We hope this helps answer your question and please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.

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