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girl in workout gear drinking smoothie We know you just want to do what's best for you and your family when it comes to what you eat. But it's not always easy. In fact, it can be downright frustrating because of confusing marketing messages and competing truth claims from companies and medical professionals.

We Make It So Easy For You

If you are tired of the broken promises of fad diets and weight loss products that only leave you lighter in the wallet and low on energy; or if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are finally ready for a life change, then this is your chance to experience a stunning transformation with lasting results.  

Here’s Why

It’s no secret that what you eat is incredibly important when it comes to how you look and feel. God designed the human body to have abundant energy. But much of what we eat today leaves us without the nutrients we need to experience a vibrant life. Most people want to eat healthy, but knowing what’s best and preparing it can be confusing and time consuming.

That’s where we come in. We created delicious and nutritious LivingFuel super smoothie meal replacement mixes that make it so easy for you to eat healthy. As a result, our customers have lasting energy from real food and tell us all the time they look better, feel better and live better.

SuperBerry smoothie

How Do We Do It?

We start with organic and all-natural superfoods like leafy green vegetables and brightly colored fruits and carefully reduce them to a whole-meal powder that gives your body everything it needs for vibrant energy. LivingFuel is loaded with clean plant protein and optimized levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics so you can ditch your supplements and achieve super health with real food.

man with big bellyIf You Don’t Make A Change Now, Things Will Only Get Worse

The power to change your life resides within you, but it won’t happen automatically. We did the hard part by taking the most powerful foods available and put them in an easy-to-eat form. But if you don’t take that first step in the right direction, things will continue to spiral downward.

This Is What Most People Do

woman eating donutEating a good breakfast is one of the most important things you can do for your health, but mornings can be hectic and settling for what is quick or convenient is what most people do. Unfortunately, “breakfast foods" such as doughnuts, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, sugar-laden cereals, and a long list of white flour-based, nutritionally-empty items like bagels, muffins, pancakes, and waffles are common. Even if you make a “smarter” choice and go for whole-wheat, high-carb foods will start you down the wrong road for the day nutritionally.

And skipping breakfast is not the answer either. That’s something Japanese sumo wrestlers do every day as a way to gain weight.

Here’s The Simple Solution

It’s no exaggeration to say, “If you change your breakfast you will change your life.” There are plenty of smarter choices to make than skipping breakfast or resorting to what is marketed today as breakfast food. And many, like LivingFuel super smoothies, take little time to prepare. A breakfast high in clean protein and healthy fats is a great start. It will give you plenty of energy, curb your cravings and sets a foundation for good food choices for the rest of the day.

Imagine This

happy girl with smoothieInstead of dragging yourself out of bed to fearfully face another day without the strength you need, what if you could quickly FUEL up and be ready to tackle any challenge you might face? It’s possible when you have an easy option that gives you the proper nutrition your body is craving. Imagine how much more energy you would have and how that would affect your outlook on the day. How much more productive could you be?

If This Was The Only Thing

If the only thing you got from a LivingFuel Super Smoothie was a high-protein, high-fiber start to the day it would be worth it. If what you got was an antioxidant boost that gave your body ammunition to fight disease it would be worth it. If you got more than a day’s worth of vitamins and minerals it would be worth it. If you got a healthy dose of beneficial digestive enzymes and gut-friendly prebiotics and probiotics, that alone would be worth it.

supergreens smoothieAmazingly, you get all of that and more for only $6.08 per serving with LivingFuel SuperGreens.

The World’s Most Nutritious Meal

Why do we say LivingFuel is the World’s Most Nutritious Meal? Because it is! When you consider all of the amazing nutritional goodness packed into just one LivingFuel Super Smoothie, you can see that any meal you replace with LivingFuel is actually a meal upgrade. It also replaces a counter top full of vitamin supplements.

LivingFuel has optimized levels of 53 essential nutrients and more than 90 total health-boosting vitamins and minerals when you add in the dozens of conditionally essential nutrients present.

It would take a team of organic chefs to create a meal with the nutritional potency of just one LivingFuel Super Smoothie. And even if you could afford it, you would not have enough room in your stomach to hold all of the food. With LivingFuel, you get all the nutritional benefits in a calorie-restricted format.

What's in the World's Most Nutritious Meal?

  • More metabolism-boosting and body-sculpting protein than a half dozen organic egg-whites (27 g)
  • More body-slimming and appetite-controlling fiber than two bowls of organic steel cut oatmeal (10.5 g)
  • More immune-enhancing Vitamin D than ten fillets of arctic fish (600 IU)
  • More mood-boosting Vitamin B-12 than 50 servings of raw organic cheese (500 mcg)
  • More free radical destroying Vitamin E than one pound of raw organic almonds (100 IU)
  • More bone strengthening calcium than two glasses of organic whole milk (450 mg)
  • More heart healthy potassium than two organic bananas (728 mg)
  • More energy producing vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients than ten fresh organic green salads
  • More healthy antioxidants than ten bowls of fresh vine-ripe organic berries
  • More brain-building Omega-3 than two cups of organic edamame
  • More youth-enhancing resveratrol than four glasses of red wine
  • More gut-beneficial prebiotics and probiotics than 6 servings of yogurt (7.5 billion live organisms)
  • More digestive enzymes than three whole organic papayas (300 mg)
  • More stress relieving Vitamin C than seven oranges (517 mg)

Don’t Let This Happen To You

overweight man with doctorSaying you will wait until tomorrow to start eating better makes it more likely you will have less tomorrows to live. If you’ve gotten this far down the page, you realize what you are reading could change your life. But don’t wait until things get worse before adding LivingFuel to your daily routine.

The farther you stray from the healthy life you were meant to live, the longer the journey it will take to get back. And if you wait too long there are no guarantees you will get back at all. Some chronic diseases are not reversible.

Does It Really Work?

JG from North Carolina echoes the sentiment of many FUELers when he says, “We have used the Living Fuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry and LivingProtein as our breakfast for years! It gives us all the energy and satisfaction we need for a healthy, busy lifestyle and helps us keep the weight down!” It’s that simple.

crossroads signYou Are Standing At The Crossroads

Which direction will you go? Choose wisely because the decision you make will impact the rest of your life. You can join the thousands who have found a new way eating and move closer achieving the super health you desire by starting your day with the superfood nutrition and energy-boosting power of LivingFuel. Or you can stay with the millions who live in poor health, struggling from day-to-day with low energy and excess weight. LivingFuel is the right choice to make.

How Much More Energy Will You Have?

There's only one way to find out. Order LivingFuel today!

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