LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge Giveaway

Feel Great, Help Others, Win Prizes!

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Now is the best time to make a change. Instead of waiting until Jan. 1 to start eating better, finish 2017 off right and do something great for your health. LivingFuel is the perfect antidote for the office parties and overeating that lies ahead.

With the LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge Giveaway you can feel great, or help someone else feel great, and possibly win some great prizes, too. (No purchase is necessary to win.) The LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge Giveaway ends at midnight Eastern Dec. 21, 2017.

How do I win?

Everyone who takes the 7-Day Challenge wins because it puts them on the road to Super Health. But there are other great prizes as well. The grand prize winner is the one who earns the most points. There will also be weekly random drawings.

What could I win?

  • * Grand Prize - $1,000 Living Fuel Gift Card
  • * Second Place - $500 Living Fuel Gift Card
  • * Third Place - $250 Living Fuel Gift Card
  • * One of nine $50 Living Fuel Gift Cards in our weekly random drawings

How do I earn points?

10 points awarded for entering - no purchase necessary

25 points when someone you refer enters the contest

100 points for each “7-Day Challenge Pack” you purchase for you or someone else (Bonus points for these purchases will be manually added to your score before the final giveaway drawing.)

girl with green smoothieWhat is the LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge?

The LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge is a great way to jump start your healthy eating plan. We make it easy for you because everything you need for the 7-Day Challenge is included in the packs. Simply upgrade one meal a day for the first three days to a delicious LivingFuel Super Smoothie. Upgrade two meals on days three through six and upgrade all three meals on day seven. We say upgrade instead of replace because LivingFuel has more vital nutrients your body needs than anything else you could eat. LivingFuel is the most nutrient-dense, antioxidant-packed superfood mix in a calorie restricted format available anywhere. It's the world's most nutritious meal!

After your 7-Day Challenge is complete, continue to upgrade as many meals as you would like on your journey to Super Health. You may contact us directly for personalized recommendations and suggestions.

How do I enter?

Click here to enter!

Then what do I do?

Add to your point total by purchasing 7-Day Challenge Packs and sharing the contest with others using the link you received when you registered.

What is in the LivingFuel 7-Day Challenge Packs?

The Living Fuel 7-Day Challenge packs are a fantastic gift for you or someone you love. They include everything you need for the 7-Day Challenge along with a bonus gift for FREE. Each comes with a full container of LivingFuel Super Smoothie powder in your choice of flavor (SuperBerry® Ultimate, SuperBerry® Original or SuperGreens), a 28oz BlenderBottle and a FREE gift. We will also send you an informative 7-Day Challange Guide by email to help you maximize your results.

There is a different FREE gift posted each Monday so be sure to check back weekly. Week of Dec. 18-21, FREE Super Health Diet book ($24.97 value)

Order Your “7-Day Challenge” Packs Today!

SuperBerry® Ultimate with FREE LivingProtein® ($134.93 value) Only ($109.96)Challenge Pack


SuperBerry® Original with FREE LivingProtein® ($114.93 value) Only ($89.96)Challenge Pack

SuperGreens with FREE LivingProtein® ($107.93 value) Only ($79.77)

Challenge Pack


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