Less Exercise, More Results


Last week on LivingFuelTV, we introduced you to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) a proven form of exercise that we've been speaking and writing about for years.  HIIT is a short duration workout where you go at an all-out effort for a short period, rest, then repeat 7-10 times.  Studies and research are piling up on the remarkable benefits of HIIT.


While you may not be physically ready for an all-out sprint up a staircase, there are steady "steps" you can take toward this effort.  Remember: the journey is the destination!  In fact, startly slowly and building fitness over a longer period of time may actually be more beneficial than quicker results.  Consistent and gradual fitness gains tend to re-program your mind and solidify a new, healthy lifestyle that reaps physical benefits for years!


After last week's episode, we've been asked How do I get started safely and in proportion to my fitness level?  The answer is the topic of today's episode. 



Gasping for Air from LivingFuelTV on Vimeo.

Gasping For Air


More than body weight or even body fat percentage, overall cardiovascular health (measured by your resting heart rate) is an outstanding indicator of wellness and a peek into what's happening with your body's most important muscle. Science has shown that the best way to increase your heart health is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is a short duration workout where you go at an all-out effort for a short period, rest, then repeat 7-10 times.


Just like your skeletal muscles strengthen by applying a load, resting, and then repeating, your heart muscle stenghtens similarly. The beauty of HIIT is that these workouts take only a fraction of the time of a conventional workout, plus there's a limitless variety of movements that you can use! HIIT works for swimming, cycling, elliptical, running, push-ups, boxing, and more.



Less Exercise, More Results from LivingFuelTV on Vimeo.

Less Exercise, More Results

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