Introduction - Why Did We Make It?

Complete coverage of the body’s essential needs


Living Fuel Rx was created to feed the needs of every cell and organ in the body. Despite the abundance of food today, people are simply not meeting their nutritional requirements. Consider the stunning prevalence of such diseases as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. Extensive research clearly links such conditions to poor nutrition; indeed, science shows us that these factors are key elements in disease development. Other related issues, such as constant exposure to toxic chemicals and a high-speed, high-stress lifestyle further complicate poor nutrition.

To compensate for lifestyle challenges, deficiencies in our food, and the inability to find and keep food fresh, many of us turn to the vast array of nutritional beverages and supplements that are available. A number of companies have developed nutritional drinks that vastly improve nutritional intake. However, these drinks generally lack many vital nutritional elements and can even contain ingredients that are toxic to the body. And supplements, which can do much to extend the nutritional coverage of common nutritional drinks, are often an unappealing choice for most of us, as they are expensive, confusing, inconvenient, and vary widely in quality.

That’s where Living Fuel Rx comes in.

We sought to create a nutrition solution that would appeal to a much wider population, while incorporating a much greater range of nutritional requirements. At the same time, we wanted to address the excessive toxic chemicals in our food supply and environment. This meant that the foods in Living Fuel Rx would be grown organically (if available) and without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Our underlying premise is that health begins with the consumption of organic/non-GMO, nutrient-rich whole foods. Ideally these foods would be in the category of “superfoods”—foods with a high proportion of essential nutrients, yet low in toxic chemicals, anti-nutrients, sugar, and high-glycemic carbohydrates.

The Factors That Come First

  • Quality. Living Fuel Rx has been meticulously created to be of the highest quality (using organic, non-GMO, wildcrafted, and all-natural sources).
  • Taste. We made taste a very important consideration. After all, if it doesn’t taste good, few people will take it regularly. We designed Living Fuel Rx so that when it is mixed with water most people will find the taste “neutral” or slightly sweet. Some people are extremely sensitive to taste and prefer Living Fuel Rx Super Berry or to use one of the many delicious recipes we suggest.
  • Convenience. We made sure that Living Fuel Rx is convenient to use, an important factor to busy, mobile people. Although there are many ways to prepare Living Fuel Rx, it was deliberately created to be fast and “unfussy” . . . simply add spring water and blend, shake or stir well.
  • Nutritionally Complete. We have worked very hard to make Living Fuel Rx as nutritionally complete as possible so that a person might actually live on it for extended periods of time, if not indefinitely. Out of our desire for completeness, product volume is relatively large but not excessive.
  • Safety. We considered the question of safety in selecting every ingredient in Living Fuel Rx. By including oxygen and moisture absorbers and by producing the product in small batches, we have extended its shelf life. It is also uniquely suited to people with special needs such as diabetics, people with food allergies, or pregnant/nursing mothers.

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