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"I have had asthma since running competitively in high school and don't like taking medications. Living fuel keeps my body alkalized and in balance so I can breathe clearly and naturally. Since using Living Fuel, I made the 4k World Cross Country Championships and finished 4th in the 2004 Olympic trials for the Steeplechase. I'm counting on Living Fuel to fuel me all the way to the 2008 Olympics!"
-Isaiah Festa, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

What does it mean to be healthy? Optimal health is when your body and all its systems are functioning at peak levels . . . as they were designed to function. It means your body is not a hindrance to your potential, but is your biggest ally, supporting, recharging, and fortifying. A healthy body should propel you forward—giving you sustained energy, freedom from disease, and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Unfortunately, with today’s hectic lifestyle, toxic foods, and poor eating habits, our bodies are all-too-often neglected rather than nurtured. It can be a challenge to find reliable, convenient ways to give our body the pampering and respect it deserves.

The Food Story

The fact is most of us are woefully ignorant about the foods we eat—where they come from, how they are processed, and how they are prepared. We consume pounds and pounds of genetically modified foods, processed foods, hydrogenated foods, so-called “enriched” foods—without ever thinking about it, much less being concerned about the impact they are having on our bodies. Current statistics say that the FDA lists approximately 2800 food additives and about 3,000 chemicals, which are deliberately added to our food supply.

Paul Chek, author of You Are What You Eat, notes that our livers must somehow process all of these chemicals. When our livers inevitably become overworked, the chemicals can end up in our blood streams, with almost unlimited access to the cells of our bodies, and placing incredible strain on our detoxification systems! The ramifications this has on our general health are numerous: America currently faces an epidemic with insulin insensitivity, adult onset diabetes, and obesity. Not surprisingly, the prevalence of degenerative diseases is highest in countries that consume the highest amount of processed foods. Although the numbers are growing, still a very small percentage of people are educated food shoppers who turn to organic food options.

Our food crisis is frightening and costly . . . and it has to change.

Living Fuel . . . Your One-Stop Solution

Numerous research and clinical studies clearly show the health benefits of a diet that is low-calorie, low-glycemic and high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids (see the Four Corners of Optimal Health). Living Fuel Rx provides the positive aspects of a traditional nutritional drink (including green drinks and meal replacements), as well as a complete array of essential macro and micro nutrients—all in one product. Complete coverage of the body’s essential needs while avoiding (and countering) toxic substances—that is what Living Fuel Rx is all about.

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