Introduction - Guidelines for Optimal Health

Changing your life for the better

“I am using Living Fuel products regularly. I usually fix a Living Fuel Berry smoothie every morning for breakfast and in between practices and matches. Whether you’re training for the Olympics or training for life…Living Fuel is it!”

—Kristina Brandi, Professional Tennis Player, 2004 Olympic Team

The LivingFuel Lifestyle Program is designed for the average person. In fact, the people who gain the most noticeable benefits of increased energy, strength, endurance, and weight loss are not necessarily in peak physical condition, and do not necessarily adopt all the nutritional recommendations at one time.

Our bodies are a myriad of continuous complex chemical reactions requiring a constant flow of raw materials.

A complete and balanced diet is critical to obtaining optimal health. Unfortunately, the typical diet consists of pasteurized dairy, grains, sugar, processed and refined foods, which do not provide enough raw materials and even introduces avoidable mutated proteins, fats, and toxins to the body. The average diet is neither complete nor balanced. In addition to all the other health problems associated with our diets, people tend to get into the habit of eating only a handful of unhealthy foods over and over again. They make little attempt to experience other foods. Many of these “preferred” foods become problematic, and some result in food intolerances and other health consequences over time. Beyond the health benefits of rotating good foods, your tastes tend to change over time and it's a good idea to regularly try new foods.

Balance, Nutrient Density, and Low Glycemic Response

While calories should be a consideration in any nutritional program, you also need to be aware of the impact on the body after digestion occurs. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to thrive and even build muscle mass on less than 1500 calories per day without hunger and cravings, even for athletes. Rather than calorie content, the most important considerations in optimal nutrition are:

  • The right balance of macro nutrients (proteins, fats, low-glycemic carbohydrates);
  • Maximum nutrient density covering the spectrum of the body's requirements;
  • Eating foods that produce a low glycemic response (avoid sugars and foods that cause your blood sugar to rise quickly and minimize insulin response); and
  • Taking protected fish oils (essential fatty acids) and coconut oil (critical fats).

A High-Performance CRON Diet

LivingFuel is unique among CRON diets, because unlike fasting and severe calorie restriction, LivingFuel satisfies hunger and cravings. Combined with its companion product Omega 3 & E, LivingFuel satisfies every nutritional need of the body. People on the LivingFuel Nutritional Program do not experience the body-wasting effects typical of severe calorie restriction. You don't even have to count calories! LivingFuel provides generous amounts of nutrient-dense, high-quality living foods while minimizing or eliminating the intake of damaging foods.

The LivingFuel Lifestyle Program is a low-calorie, nutrient-dense diet that delivers everything the human body needs in a low-glycemic, restricted-calorie form (a LivingFuel meal replacement shake contains approximately 250 calories or less).

Weight Optimization, Not Necessarily Weight Reduction

For many people, this nutrient density results in weight optimization, not just weight loss. In fact, the only people who appear to lose weight on this program are those who need to lose weight. We have seen overweight individuals lose between two and five pounds per week on this program until they achieved their optimal weight. They report successfully maintaining their new ideal weight while continuing the program. We have also seen underweight individuals on the exact same regimen gain weight. Professional and amateur athletes are using this program to enhance energy, strength, and endurance.

Experts Agree that Everyone Benefits from Outstanding Nutrition

The LivingFuel Lifestyle Program is for people who are serious about improving their health and performance regardless of their current health status, from the health-challenged to the world-class athlete.

Learn how Living Fuel Rx incorporates the Four Corners of Optimal Nutrition.


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