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Dear Living Fuel Family, 
In last week's HealthAlert, we recommended using extreme caution for those considering the swine flu vaccine.  Thanks to all who responded!  Back in April, we sent you an e-letter focusing on how to boost the immune system entitled "Super Immunity".  The keen interest in this topic has only escalated through the summer and into the fall as our children return to school.
This week, I'd like to share with you what my family does to maximize immunity.  Implement these practical tips into your life to help bolster your body's natural defenses. 
In my book Super Health: 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality, I go into great detail on how to understand and successfully manage these topics: Hydration, Nutrition, Exercise, Stress, Sleep, Environmental Hazards and Meditation and Prayer.
The Seven Golden Keys
Drink 8-12 glasses of fresh water each day and significantly reduce intake of sweetened beverages including fruit juices, sodas and sports drinks.  Minimize caffeine by only drinking non-caffeinated or lightly caffeinated herbal teas or LivingFuel SuperCoffee.
As regular Living Fuel users, you are already covering the nutritional basics to support healthy immunity.  Depending on the Living Fuel products you are taking, it's likely you are obtaining excellent maintenance levels of a myriad of nutrients including Vitamin D3, fish oil (a minimum of five softgel capsules of natural 120 mg EPA and 80 mg DHA), Vitamin C and probiotics.  You may also wish to minimize sugar as it can significantly reduce immune function for several hours after intake.  Increase your vegetable consumption.  Minimize junk and heat damaged foods such as french fries, doughnuts and fried chicken because they cause stress and inflammation in the body.  For more information, see The Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition.
Exercise daily and spend one hour per day in direct sunlight in the morning or later in the afternoon (without sunscreen).  In the winter months, supplement with Vitamin D (see recommendations below).
Minimize stress and maximize your body's ability to successfully manage it by following the other six keys.
Sleep is repair and restoration time for your body.  Make it your goal to get between 7 1/2 and 8 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.
Environmental Toxins
Minimize exposure to toxins from personal care products, household chemicals, lawn chemicals, etc.
Meditation & Prayer
Have a daily quiet time (shut out the world and its distractions).
First Sign of Symptoms
Due to our LivingFuel routine and healthy lifestyles, our family seldom gets sick.  In the rare event we see symptoms, we take immediate action and mild symptoms last only a day or two.  At the first sign of symptoms such as sore throat, runny nose and/or nasal congestion, we do the following:
Note: Check with your nutritionally knowledgeable heath care professional before starting any supplement regimen, particularly pregnant and nursing women and children.
  • Vitamin D3 in the form of cholecalciferol- 4,000 to 5,000 IU per day along with average sun exposure during cold and flu season.  At the first sign of symptoms, increase up to 50,000 International Units (IU) per day for three consecutive days.  This is critically important!  Click on the video link below for more information.
  • Vitamin A - approximately twice the amount of Vitamin D3 taken per day (pregnant women are often told to limit Vitamin A to 5,000 IU per day)
  • Vitamin C - 2,000 to 4,000 mg per day in three or four divided doses
  • Cold and Flu Herbal Shot from American Botanical Pharmacy, a combination of echinacea root and seed, garlic, habanero, onion, ginger, horseradish, acerola cherry, elderberry, blackberry, yarrow, boneset, desert sage lobelia, elecampane, kola nut, coffee, licorice, cherry bark, horehound, coltsfoot, fennnel and thyme
  • Super Strength Oreganol from North American Herb & Spice, liquid extra strength oregano extract (available in many health food stores)
  • Super Tonic from American Botanical Pharmacy, a combination of fresh habanero pepper, garlic bulb, white onion, Hawaiian yellow ginger root and horseradish root
  • Lung Tonic from American Botanical Pharmacy, a combination of lobelia leaf & seed, elecampane root, coltsfoot leaf, horehound leaf, licorice root, kola nut, coffee bean, cherry bark, thyme leaf, fennel seed, peppermint leaf and essential oil.
Nasal Congestion?
- Take 2,000+ mg of NAC (N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine) plus Vitamin C (at least 1,000 mg) every 3-4 hours
- Use XClear nasal spray (available at many health food stores).
Cough and Sore Throat?
- Gargle as needed and swallow combination of Oregonal (above) and Super Tonic (above) as directed.
- Use zinc lozenges as directed
Personally, I do not treat fever except to stay well-hydrated and possibly even drink an electrolyte beverage.  Fever is one of our primary immune responses and is critical to winning the battle and shortening the durations of infection.  Ask your doctor.
Before trying any product, make sure you do not have any known allergies to any of its ingredients.
The Extraordinary Power of Vitamin D
For more great information on the power and effectiveness of Vitamin D, check out this six minute video from John Cannell, M.D., Executive Director of Vitamin D Council.  Click on the graphic below to watch.
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Here's to your Super Immunity!
KC Craichy
Founder & CEO
Living Fuel, Inc.
(September 11, 2009)

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