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Did you Know?  Scientists estimate that our daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation is 100 million times higher than when our grandparents were children.

In last week's e-newsletter, we promised to share some practical tips to minimize the impact of electromagnetic pollution from Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs).  A top emitter of this potentially harmful radiation is our ever-present cell phones.

Here are some practical tips to protect yourself and your family from cell phone EMFs:
  • Purchase a low-radiation cell phone recommended by the Environmental Working Group (click here for EWG-recommended phones).
  • Use the "speaker phone" options and place the phone down on a desk or table away from your head.
  • Purchase a "skin" or rubber case as an insulator for your cell phone. This is important when texting or emailing from your cell phone. 
  • TEXT or E-MAIL instead of calling whenever possible.  This is especially important for children using cell phones.
  • Choose a "land line" phone whenever available and keep your cell phone conversations as short as possible, particularly when your phone is placed up to your head.
  • Avoid wearing "Blue Tooth" headsets all day.  Use them only when on a call and keep these these calls as short as possible.
  • NEVER have a cell phone on both ears and never be between a cell phone an a computer.
  • Keep your cell phone away from your vital organs.  For example, don't place your phone in your lap or in a coat pocket.
  • Carry your cell phone in your purse, bag or briefcase rather than using a belt holster or carrying it in your pocket.
  • Avoid sleeping near a cell phone that is on.  It has been reported that an alarming number of kids sleep with a live cell phone under their pillow and text their friends in the middle of the night.  This is extremely dangerous!
  • Avoid using a cell phone as an alarm clock.  Instead invest in a wind-up travel alarm.
  • Check out watches that can actually protect you from EMFs, including our favorite - the Philip Stein Teslar watch.


For more information about the invisible dangers of EMF radiation, click on the link below to watch an informative video:



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