Health Update - Holiday Splurge Tips for July 4th

Dear Living Fuel Family,
Have a blessed 4th of July as we celebrate the birth of our nation and the wonderful freedoms we enjoy!

Here's five quick tips to get through this weekend looking and feeling as good as you do today.

1.  Decide before the weekend what and how much you are willing to eat or drink and tell someone to help you be accountable.  For example, Saturday, have a smart meal for breakfast, a splurge meal for lunch and smart meal for dinner.

2.  Drink plenty of water and hot or iced unsweetened herbal teas. Minimize calorie-containing beverages between meals.

3.  Eat all you want at meal time (always steer clear of fried foods) and try to avoid grazing throughout the day.  Stop eating (and drinking calorie-containing beverages) after the evening meal.

4.  Have a LivingFuel SuperSmoothie or LivingProtein Smoothie for breakfast and even before splurge meals to help satisfy appetite and cravings.

5.  Enjoy family, fun, fellowship and food!


KC & Monica Craichy
(July 2, 2009)



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