Getting Started

Change Your Breakfast,
Change Your Life

For many people, breakfast is where the biggest nutritional mistakes are made. To start your day with an awesome nutritional foundation, prepare a Living Fuel Super Smoothie. Simply add one scoop of SuperGreens or SuperBerry to your favorite smoothie ingredients into a blender, and enjoy.

Try favorite ‘mix-ins’ such as purified water, organic juice, almond or rice milk and frozen fruit. It is a great way to start your day with a blast of super nutrition.

Click Here for delicious super smoothie recipes.

After a week of two, you may increase to two scoops of Living Fuel. Your “super smoothie” will then serve as a complete meal replacement and you shouldn’t be hungry until your next scheduled meal. The reason your hunger will be satisfied is you are enjoying meals with maximum nutritional value.

Because of the nutritional quality of Living Fuel, you won’t need to take any additional multi-vitamin or mineral supplement.

Living Fuel is truly “Everything Your Body Needs!”

SuperGreens or SuperBerry?

Many of our new customers want to know if they should take SuperGreens or SuperBerry.

  • If you want to get more green vegetables into your eating plan, then LivingFuel SuperGreens will be great for you.
  • If you want the benefits of the organic nutrient-rich fruits found in SuperBerry, that may be the product for you.

Of course, you can realize the best of both by adding one scoop of each to your SuperFood smoothie!


What About Protein?

Both Living Fuel SuperBerry and SuperGreens contain 26 grams per serving of clean, non-soy plant protein. For those Living Fuel customers who want more protein in their smoothie, we created Living Fuel Living Protein. Living Protein is the same super antioxidant plant protein found in SuperBerry and SuperGreens, but in isolated form. Along with the organic plant protein, Living Protein contains enzymes, probiotics and plant-based amino acids.

Some customers prepare their Super Smoothie by using one scoop of SuperBerry or SuperGreens with one scoop of Living Protein.  

Click Here to learn more about Living Protein.

Last month I started taking a Living Fuel smoothie for breakfast, using one scoop of SuperBerry and one scoop of Living Protein.

I use a splash or organic juice, spring water and frozen berries. I immediately felt an increase in my energy level. The smoothie fills me up nicely and holds me over until lunch. It’s feel great to enjoy something that is great for my health and tastes good too!

Karen, Fairfield, CT

Jump Start Your Routine with the 7 Day Challenge

A Smoothie a Day will provide a wonderful nutritional foundation for your body. However, you may be looking for a more aggressive approach to optimizing your nutrition.

The 7 Day Challenge is designed around Superfoods as your nutritional foundation.

The nutritional power of Superfoods will lead to significant health benefits including increased energy, strength, endurance and weight optimization. You will overcome unhealthy cravings to sugar, caffeine, soda and junk foods.

If this is the case, then take the Living Fuel 7 Day Challenge.

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