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SUPERBERRY® Smoothie (Original or Ultimate) w/Avocado and Lemon

(submitted by Susan Cary)

1 organic Avocado - peeled and pitted (adds a more creamy smoothness and alkalinity)
1 organic Lemon .. just the juice of (adds a good flavor and makes it more alkaline also)
1 Liter (33.8 fl oz.) Chilled pure Organic Coconut Water (adds Electrolytes and it is just so good for you)
       I blend the top 2 items together with about 5 or 6 ozs of
       Coconut water, then add the rest of the 1 liter (33.8 fl oz.)
I usually add 4 to 8 ozs more of filtered water because I like the consistency to be a littler thinner, but however one likes it.  
3 1/2  scoops of Superberry
1/2  scoop of  Supergreens (to make up the 4 scoops) can vary that combination, of course, or just use the Superberry.
Blend and ENJOY!!

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