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“Fueling” up

"Six days a week I use Living Fuel as the basis of a breakfast smoothie, Once a week the regimen is broken with a "normal" breakfast of scrambled eggs and one piece of toast. This is the only time I consume grains, since Living Fuel provides me, along with my veggies, sufficient fiber for the rest of the week. Living Fuel works! Just that simple."
- Patrick Robinson, CEO, Hana, Hawaii, USA

Living Fuel Rx Super Berry™ is the ideal way to begin your Living Fuel Rx eating plan. As your tastes adjust, you can gradually combine some original Living Fuel Rx Super Greens to Living Fuel Rx Super Berry®. Experiment with what works best for you. Some people stick with the SuperBerry formula or a combination of berries and greens, while others eventually transition to drinking only the original Living Fuel Rx Super Greens. Either way, you’ll be giving your body the nutrition and good health it deserves.

For the Best Results . . .

The following guidelines are designed to give you optimum results on the Living Fuel Rx Nutritional Program. Remember, this is not an all-or-nothing program. Adopt only what you can today. As you experience positive results and your motivation increases, you can add more lifestyle modifications that best suit your unique needs.

Living Fuel is powerful stuff! You may wish to start by mixing a half serving until you find the right recipe for you. A blended smoothie of 1 scoop per day is ideal. Mix in whatever you like to make the taste pleasing to you. As your body adjusts, replace your least nutritious meal or afternoon snack with 2 scoops a day.

Due to the adverse effect of most juices on blood sugar and insulin levels, we do not recommend that anyone drink high-glycemic juices by themselves, even if freshly squeezed. However, Living Fuel Rx is counter-glycemic by design, meaning it slows down the uptake of sugar into the bloodstream.

Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life. Breakfast is the meal where most people make the biggest nutritional mistakes, ranging from not eating anything to eating sugars, grains, pasteurized dairy products, or fried foods. Don't let the breakfast food paradigm force you into making poor breakfast choices. It is nutritionally proper to eat lunch and dinner foods for breakfast (i.e. leftover chicken or steak and salad from dinner). The goal is to get protein, healthy fats, and low-glycemic carbs at every meal.

Drink LOTS of Fresh Purified or Spring Water. Our bodies are comprised of 75% water and they operate with optimum efficiency when we drink 8–12 glasses per day. Most people don’t follow this guideline and are constantly dehydrated. Some minor symptoms of insufficient water intake are headaches, fatigue, constipation and dry skin. Over the long term, serious health problems can occur with blood pressure, circulation, kidney function, immune system function, and digestive disorders. A simple test for determining if you are drinking enough water is to watch the color of your urine over a period of several days. It should be lightly colored. If it is darker in color, it is concentrated and you would likely benefit from increasing your water intake.

Those who drink fresh purified or spring water exclusively seem to experience the best results. In general, unfiltered tap water should be avoided because it contains chlorine, fluoride (usually) and other chemicals. While there are therapeutic reasons for periodically use distilled water, drinking distilled water should also be avoided due to high acidity. Alternatives to water can include organic herbal teas (dioxin and caffeine free) served hot or cold, lemon water, or lemonade sweetened with TheraSweet. TheraSweet is an all natural therapeutic sweetener that is low caloric and has no glycemic index. If you choose a sweet-tasting beverage, it's best to drink it with food.

Learn Ways to Balance a Negative with a Positive. The two essential reasons we eat are for Foundation (building blocks) and Fuel. But there is a third reason why we eat . . . Fun. Most people are not going to give up eating for fun, so the trick is to discover fun foods that are the least destructive to health, as well as to reduce the negative impact they have on the human body. For instance, if you consume a high-carb meal, a sweet dessert, or alcohol, then either eat high-fiber foods such as large dark green salads, or eat quality fats and proteins beforehand, or get both by having a Living Fuel Rx smoothie. It is also helpful to drink water with lemon or have vinegar on your salad. All these things help to slow down the pace at which sugar enters your bloodstream, thereby reducing the harmful insulin response from concentrated sugars.

Have a Snack Strategy and Inventory on Hand. Great snack choices are Living Fuel Rx Nut Butter or a Living Fuel Rx shake, berries, salads, above-ground raw vegetables, soft-boiled eggs, raw nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, coconuts, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds). Again, eat organic whenever possible.

So . . . ladies and gentlemen, prepare to start your engines!

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