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“Living Fuel Rx has ended my search for the perfect natural supplement. It fills me up, leaving me full of energy but without the bloating associated with other products. Eating a perfectly balanced meal is an ideal way to give your body what it needs to perform and feel healthy. Living Fuel Rx is perfect for all types of people, I would highly recommend it to anyone.”
— Eli Fairfield, AVP Professional Volleyball Player, Hermosa Beach, CA

After just a few days on LivingFuel, most people have reported the following amazing results:

  • Higher energy;
  • Reduced or eliminated caffeine and sugar cravings;
  • A greater sense of emotional balance;
  • Improved sleep; and
  • Keener concentration and focus.

The Taste and Color Factor

If you have taste concerns, start your LivingFuel Lifestyle Program with SuperBerry®, begin with smaller doses, or mix SuperGreens with Super Berry® together. For texture, mix your shake/smoothie in a high-speed blender and use more or less water until you achieve the desired thickness. You can also:

  • Add 1–3 ounces of fruit juice; or
  • Add a touch of lemon juice or 1–2 ounces of lemonade (best if sweetened with natural low-glycemic sweeteners like TheraSweet®, Stevia, Mannitol, Xylitol, brown rice sweetener or cactus sweetener), or;
  • Add a piece of fruit such as fresh berries and/or banana; or
  • Try one of our non-shake recipes, such as Avocado Supreme; or
  • Add LivingFuel to cold or warm soups.

When you mix LivingFuel Super Greens with only water it looks like freshly juiced greens or drinks made from barley grass or wheat grass, but it does not have the strong greens taste typically associated with green drinks. However, some people find it difficult to drink something that is green, or take a little while to get accustomed to its flavor. If the green color is troubling, drink your shake from a sipper cup or a cup with a lid and straw. You can also change the color of your LivingFuel shake by mixing it with LivingFuel SuperBerry® or a strong-colored juice, berries, tomatoes, grape juice, or blueberries.

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