EMF Dangers

Electromagnetic Frequency Dangers

Electromagnetic frequencies are part of the electromagnetic spectrum that consist of electromagnetic waves like gamma rays, X rays, visible light, ultraviolet light, and radio waves. Magnetic fields are created with the flow of electric current. The magnetic field is stronger as the electric current becomes stronger. They are present everywhere in our environment, but are invisible to the human eye.

We’ve heard for many years about the potential danger from electromagnetic frequencies and radiation. The potential for cell damage in humans, animals and other living things gave birth to the term “electromagnetic pollution.” It comes from every electrical and electronic device imaginable from televisions to microwaves to light bulbs to cell phones. Scientists estimate that our daily exposure to EMF radiation is 100 million times higher than when our grandparents were children.

Electricity and electronics are an important part of our lives, so how do we live with them while protecting ourselves from them? As we saw in last week’s Living Fuel e-mail newsletter, you can buy a low-radiation phone, use a headset or speaker, hold the  phone away from your body, and text more than talk. Here are ways you can protect yourself and your family from EMF’s:

  1. Purchase a low-radiation cell phone recommended by the Environmental Working Group (click here for the EWG's recommended phones).
  2. Use your phone's "speaker phone" option often and put the phone down or get rubber case for your phone as an insulator when you are holding it.
  3. Use TEXT or EMAIL instead of TALK whenever possible and again use a rubber case on your phone as an insulator when you are holding it.  THIS IS EVEN MORE IMPORTANT FOR KIDS.
  4. Don't wear a blue tooth headset EXCEPT when on a call and ONLY use it if you must during a call.  Keep the call as short as possible. 
  5. NEVER have a phone on both ears and never be between a cell phone an a computer.
  6. NEVER put a cell phone near major organs.
  7. NEVER sleep near a cell phone that is on. Invest in a wind-up small travel alarm clock - it could save a life!  It has been reported that an alarming number of kids sleep with a live cell phone under their pillow to text their friends in the middle of the night.  THIS IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!
  8. Check out watches that can help protect you from EMFs, including our favorite - the Philip Stein Teslar watch www.philipstein.com . 
  9. Use a corded telephone whenever possible.
  10. Use a Gauss meter to check your home and office for high levels of electromagnetic radiation.
  11. Avoid any area that has a level higher than 1 mG.
  12. Sit as far from your computer and television as you can while using them.
  13. Stand as far away from your microwave oven as you can – or remove it from your house.
  14. Move all electrical appliances at least six feet away from your bed.
  15. Place all major electrical appliances against outside walls to keep from creating EMF fields in the next room.
  16. Move all electrical and electronic devices several feet away from your bed – especially from your head.
  17. Eliminate wires running under your bed.
  18. Replace fluorescent lighting with incandescent lighting.
  19. Make sure the wiring in your home or office is up to date and installed correctly.
  20. Eliminate dimmers and 3-way switches.

For more information about the invisible dangers of EMF radiation, click on the video link below.



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