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We continue today to share important insights into building your family's immunity to the Ebola virus, cold, flu and other illnesses. What can you do about it?

Living Fuel Founder & CEO KC Craichy says there are natural therapies that have been shown to be extremely effective against all kinds of viruses. In today's LivingFuelTV program, KC shares insights he received from talking with world-renown doctors and health researchers. The natural therapies he shares are the same and have been used successfully in the lives of countless thousands of people.


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Our bodies' remarkable immune systems are one of the many good gifts from our Creator. We are truly "fearfully and wonderfully made"! (Psalm 139:14) Daily we are bombarded by toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses that left unchecked, can do significant harm. Like a highly skilled and resilient military platoon, our immune systems act, respond and fight 24/7 with the goal of keeping us not just alive, but in good health.

The ebola virus appears to be a particularly virulent foe and it's making constant headlines worldwide. The news will continue to come fast and furious over the coming days with often conflicting information, so we will do our part to bring a balanced perspective on what is being reported. In today's episode we'll discuss practical (and free!) steps you can take now to sharpen, strengthen and bolster your immune system and the immune systems of those you love.


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Television, radio and internet news outlets are saturated with stories, "expert" speculation, projections, and sweeping conclusions about the Ebola virus. These stories are often accompanied by video and photos of health officials clad in unnerving head-to-toe protective gear, which can ratchet up the panic. Health officials often give conflicting information from one day to the next leaving us confused and wondering if we should be concerned or not. The first Ebola outbreak occurred way back in 1976 in Sudan, and this dangerous virus has now reached the United States. The big question is What can we do to protect ourselves and our families?

Protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the Ebola invader is the subject of a timely and important series of LivingFuelTV HealthAlerts with host, bestselling author and prolific health reseacher KC Craichy. In today's episode, KC will give us an overview of the Ebola virus threat, and you'll discover your #1 primary protection.


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