Doctor Recommended


 "Dear KCC, Using Living Fuel, all of my patients feel more energetic; however they don't achieve significant weight loss unless they break other bad habits, namely lack of exercise and high suger intake. Of course, these misgivings are no news to you. 
Both Dr. Henrickson and I believe there is no other product in the marketplace that remotely approaches Living Fuel in its ability to resolve weight problems, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. In fact, yesterday I was comparing the differences between the SuperBerry® Ultimate and the SuperBerry® Regular, and I was amazed at the nutritional thinking employed in both products."  Richard Lippman MD


"Several years ago I discovered Living Fuel and I called to ask about the products since nutrition is an important part of  my dental practice. During the call K.C. got on the phone and after discussing how I stress nutrition to my patients he offered a professional discount. This has been honored for many years and I have recommended Living Fuel products to many patients as well as several collegues. Dr William Lake in Missouri has been using your products for many years. I recommend the protein product to pts with compromised immune systems,and the super berry to geriatric patients. We have a large comprehensive group dental practice serving over 40,000 patients, and your outstanding products have been an important aid for many of our patients."  Dr. Edington - Dentist

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